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Protected: [YunJae Fanfic] Vampire Kiss

February 13, 2011

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[Spazz] MV Orgy!!!

January 4, 2011

I don’t think as a fan girl in Kpop that you can get a better ‘high’ then 3!!! YES 3!!! Mv’s coming out in one night!!! Even more so when you’re a huge fan of each group/pairing!!!

This is generally a spazz post over these AMAZING MV’s and my thoughts on them – yes i do on occasion think! though i like to keep it to a minimum


DBSK Mirotic concert DVD Arrived!

November 5, 2010

Yes i am VERY slow this arrived a while ago now and i have watched it too many times to count – Seriously its AMAZING can never get enough *melts* i brought this off the seller i always use on ebay! They are amazing they sell stuff at a lowish price the item arrives fast and in perfect lickable quality!

Can i just say now this is my second time of writing this post out O___O i got near the end and my internet died and wiped everything out *eye twitches*

Well first off is the sexy poster its around average poster size not huge but not small but filled with DBSK kekeke – yes it looks amazing on my bed but it looks even better on my wall! – well my DBSK wall to be more exact well tech 2 walls and they are on other walls too HAHA seriously these boys cover my room!


Designing DBSK T-shirt’s

September 28, 2010

Well i have wanted to do this for a while and while i was home thought it would be a good time, this time i decided to have a go with transfer paper. I had 3 plain T-shirt to transfer my designs onto (2 black and one red)

its here cus i wanted it here

I have had a superman design that i did for a T-Shirt ages ago, so that was going on one of the black ones! so i had a black and a red shirt left to do a DBSK design, i knew for the black one i wanted the hey JJ design except in red cus i’m not a huge fan of green and on the back just have DBSK it was the red one that took me ages to decide what to do but i was running out of time so i choice one of the designs i did (i did many but didn’t really like most of them).