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DBSK Mirotic concert DVD Arrived!

November 5, 2010

Yes i am VERY slow this arrived a while ago now and i have watched it too many times to count – Seriously its AMAZING can never get enough *melts* i brought this off the seller i always use on ebay! They are amazing they sell stuff at a lowish price the item arrives fast and in perfect lickable quality!

Can i just say now this is my second time of writing this post out O___O i got near the end and my internet died and wiped everything out *eye twitches*

Well first off is the sexy poster its around average poster size not huge but not small but filled with DBSK kekeke – yes it looks amazing on my bed but it looks even better on my wall! – well my DBSK wall to be more exact well tech 2 walls and they are on other walls too HAHA seriously these boys cover my room!



DBSK “O” Ver B Arrived!

November 4, 2010

I already have version D which has been posted here! I got this version (B) with my JYJ normal edition album off DVDHeaven XD woot hehe

In the normal style the album is not a normal boring plastic case instead its a fold out type! It has this sexy photo on the front! ohhhhh love JJ’s hair and well everything about all the members in this photo shoot/Album i just LOVE it which is prob why i know have 2 different versions lol


DBSK Vol. 3 “O” Repackage Ver + Poster Arrived!

October 12, 2010
well i finally own this album YAY, i actually want all the versions of this album but when i saw someone selling this one brand new with poster how could i say no! I also got this one off Grapemusiccd on ebay (the other one was the Tohoshinki best selection 2010)
Here is the amazing poster *stares* gawd its awesome, the texture the picture the colours everything is PERFECT! and its now on my wall looking truly AWESOME!

Poster size 53 x 75 (cm)

Now onto the amazing album, which really is a box of wonders!

DBSK Best Selection 2010 + 2Posters Arrived

October 10, 2010
This was one of the first albums to arrive (monday) – this is one of the two packages that arrived! (each package had two albums/DVD’s in them) even though i had to wait for the posters to arrive (they came today) before i could review the item, but i would take tube over a folded poster any day XD
Well because this was a first press version i got 2 posters with it and the photo card which is at the end of the post XD the first poster is the advertising one! which is now on my wardrobe XD

Poster size: 52 x 73 (cm)


Rising Sun Re-Package album arrived

October 9, 2010

Everything is arriving at once it just so exciting XD Well not really at once more like one day after the other, so far this week i have got a package each day (two on Monday!) cin as i only have friday left and all i need is the last poster tube (which is filled with DBSK posters) then i could complete a full week of getting a package each day Ohhhhhhhh i hope it happens.

On moving on from my random spazzing onto more focused spazzing over this AMAZING! JAW DROPPING ALBUM! can i call it an album? well it technically is the Rising sun re-packaged album so i am going to say yes, don’t look much like and album though more like a Cassie’s heaven *THUD* i have wanted to get this since it came out but i was poor then but as soon as i found one at the right price and i had money IT WAS MINE!!! keke

Well yes what you see below is the album not the packaging it came in, don’t think i can say much about it other than MUST OPEN IT TO GET THE GOODIES!!!

When i opened it YAY! i see the Rising sun CD! the cardboard folds open and the VCD is behind it!