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Jae and Rain fan artwork!

November 22, 2010

Due to Uni work i haven’t been able to update my blog much GRRRRR, i have a presentation this wed *shudder* so i have been working my butt off trying to get all the work done that i need to show (on a Computer animation course 3rd yr). I won’t bore you with the boring details because you wouldn’t understand most of the words i would use lol and i can’t be bothered *grin*

Anyway the point of this post is what i do to de-stress i suppose, its something that i enjoy doing so don’t see it as work – i wish i could just sit and create stuff in Photoshop each and every day! this job does in fact exist but i need to improve my PS skills by a lot – I am all self-taught seeing as when i was in school not even the graphic teachers knew how to use Photoshop (idiots) to point out i am only 21 so when i was in school yeh they should have taught us that but oh well i prefer learning myself anyway… oh no I’m rambling again!


SHINee Lucifer album + Poster

July 27, 2010

ITS HERE after only 7days!!! it was shipped out on the 20th and its now the 27th and the reason why i am so shocked is because i picked the slowest option to get it shipped to me which had around a 14day estimate, One on my dvdheaven orders came in 9days once but for it to take just a week is AMAZING arg how i love them.

The plan i had this morning was to wake up so i could get my package of the normal postman (who rang the doorbell yesterday) but i was too dead in bed that i just ignored it – they ring the bell when they can’t fit it in mr letter box, but NOPE my alarm didn’t go off so instead i got woken up by the package delivery guy which i was still in bed so had to dash downstairs like a spazz – caught him just before he got bk in the van FEW!!! (may i also just point out that they are both royal mail so why the fuck they couldn’t give the other package for him to deliver i will never know) so it means now i still have to wake up early tomorrow to be awake for when the mail guy comes a knocking. YAY but arg at the same time haha – and getting a shock wake up from the doorbell and pegging it downstairs didn’t go down to well with me, even if it was for the worlds most AWESOME album.

Ok iv gone offtrack again back to the album, I got Ver A (Ver B to still be released on the 29th July) with the poster, when i opened the package i though the poster was the hard tub but it wasn’t, the poster is printed on like a brown paper bag material – quite thick with a matte finish,  it’s very nice 😀 and bigger then i thought it would be – as you can see from the size of the album compaired to the poster.

Now onto the album


Kpop Albums Ordered

July 19, 2010

well i have wanted these albums for a while now so thought hey why not just buy them all around the same time – this is prob a normal person’s thinking but mine was generally just I WANT I SHALL GET so i got one then thought duck it and brought the others i wanted, My mum brought me one too which was my reward for passing the second yr of uni cus obv without the reward of a kpop cd i would have failed *giggle* i hope i get two for graduating (i’m going to be starting my last yr of uni in sept DUN dun dun!!!) anyway back to my point of buying albums.

I have ordered 4 and pre-ordered one which will prob ship at the same time as the others but meh, I shall go through them in the order i well you know ordered them HAHA.

First off is…

SHINee – Lucifer + Poster [Pre-order]

Yup SHINee ofc was my pre-order if you haven’t heard about this comeback wtf have u been???? no i mean SERIOUSLY where have u been? well yeh i used DVDHeaven again for my pre-order they ship out on the 20th which is 2 days sooner then YesAsia who ship out on the 22nd donno why they just do and i found YesAsia’s p&p last time SOOOOO SLOW where as each time i have ordered from DVDHeaven [this is my 5th time] its arrived within 10 days (using cheapest option and i am in UK [ships from korea] so that is awesomely fast). I have no idea which picture is going to be used for the poster i think i will be finding out on the day which is fine by me all the images i have seen so far have been AWESOME so i have faith it will be an gud picture.


All My new posters

June 6, 2010

Well this is how my walls looks at the mo, its been through so many changes its untrue haha, and the Rain fabric poster has been iron *grin* yes finally i know – and that the creased Rains world poster on the wall i am keeping the neat one till next yr hehe

Well time to go spazz on the internet about Rain and the mtv awards 😀

KPOP Earrings

June 1, 2010

Well when i ordered my MBLAQ Ablum off DVDHeaven i also ordered the G.Dragon poster which you can see here and i ordered Earrings hehehe, Kpop related ofc haha,

Now my taste in jeweley goes all the way from mega girly to what i call as emo style haha (don’t really know a better word to describe it) These are like what i am wearing at the mo 😀 which is a fake ear stretcher in my right ear – no way in hell would i have a real one i just think the earrings are awesome haha. One is from what a member from F.T Island has worn and the other a member from SHINee *GRIN* ooooo its like a puzzle haha. if you can name the person in each group that wore these u deserve a medal or summit huge and awesome haha, maybe a certain person’s banana you have always wanted kekeke 😀