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Logitech K340 Wireless Keyboard review

March 22, 2010

Well i got the keyboard on sat, not from WH Smiths like i said before because i cancelled that order due to the fact i ordered it on a tues and by saturday they hadn’t even dispatched the item yet after them saying on their website that it would be dispatched within 3days i think they just said they had the item in stock but didn’t really which is very very annoying and i shall not be using them again due to this fact. 

Instead i reserved it at PC World for £29.99, if i hadn’t of reserved it the instore price was £45 – a massive £15 difference its insane. so was very glad when i did reserve it because it’s a 30min walk to the pc world in Leicester from my location and it was raining but i had my ipod so was nicely entertained. due to the rain i also took an extra bag so the box wouldn’t get wet so glad i did. 

Well onto the keyboard. Heres the box, most of the Logitech box’s for there keyboards are the same so you can easily spot them on the shelf. Nice simple design, clearly telling you the important features of this particular keyboard 

Front of the box

On the back of the box it has some more details so you can easily find the piece of information you want to know about the keyboard on the back. 

Back of the box

In most Logitech keyboard box’s you also get this white fold open box which contains the keyboard along with everything else you get. The keyboard came with the normal sleeve over it but for the purpose of the photo i took it off. you can just see the use above the keyboard. 

The keyboard in the box

This is everything you get in the box, The keyboard itself ofcourse, the Unifying receiver (in other words the wireless usb thing haha), the extension lead for the receiver, the manual, important info fold out thing and a what do you think leaflet. the keyboard also comes with the batteries which are already in the compartment. 

The contents of the box

Ofcourse i threw away the paper parts – if you need to look at the manual to work out how to use a keyboard sheeeeesh lol. i also put away the extender cin as i won’t be needing it – i will never be far enough away from my computer to need to use it. 

Heres the Unifying receiver which you can attach up to 6 wireless Logitech devices too – I haven’t tried my mx air on it yet – i shall do that at a later date when i have more free time. i just plugged it into one of my usb slots and the computer added the device i turned on the laptop and i was away its that simple. 

The unifying receiver

The usb extender is incase you are too far away from the receiver to get a single so you plug this into your usb then plug the reciever in the end so then can can reach futher. very handy but i doubt i shall use it, you never know though.

the usb extention for the unifying receiver

The AWESOME red background to the keys, it add a very nice design feature to the keyboard and everyone who has seen it so far love it 😀 and I LOVEEEE it. 

The red behind the keys

Here is the back of the keyboard, and the open battery compartment, the cover fits securely and snug 

The back of the keyboard – battery case open

 The low profile keys, which is what i wanted so it wouldn’t be too different from typing on my laptop ofc its hard to find a keyboard which has completely flat keys like my laptop so low profile are the best option, and i have used them for 3days now (and written a 3000 word essay on them and they are very easy to use. Not too loud either, my laptop ones are silent which is prob why i noticed haha. this pictures shows up the pretty pretty red behind the keys too

the keyboard - keys 😀

This keyboard is a compact one so its slim and light but heavy enough to feel quality – if that makes any sense. it don’t feel tacky – feels like a good quality keyboard, which i loveeeee. 

how slim it is

Ahhh the on and off switch, this is so you can turn it off and on yourself but you don’t have to seeing as this keyboard turns itself off after a certain period of you not using it anyway but if like me you like to make sure things are off this is very useful. you can also just see the light – (well it only lights up when you turn it on to show you uv turned it on haha and that there is still power left). the batteries are supposed to last up to 3years but ofc i can’t say yes they do or no they don’t. you can make up your own mind. but i think depending on use they could make 3years. 

The on off switch

Ok there is a little compartment in the battery compartment that can hold the Unifying receiver which i think is very very handy. very helpful for carrying around so you don’t lose it. 

the compartment in the back for the usb

Heres the receiver in the slot, very good of them do add it.  

Now the full awesomeness of this keyboard it’s very good, no delay when typing iv had no issues with the wireless, and iv been down the corridor to type and it still works haha amazing really. the design is awesome you can’t go wrong with the amazing red behind the keys. it looks good and performs amazingly.

The awesome keyboard

I give this keyboard a full 10/10 Logitech have never let me down so far and they still ain’t i am so very very very happy i got this keyboard. if you have any questions ask 😀 i am happy to answer anything. 

Thanks for reading


New shoes!!! 2 Pairs – squee hehe

January 23, 2010

i Finally got some awesome new shoes, Both of them are the brand Osiris which rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      My first pair are these AMAZING shoes hehe, they are fluffy on the inside and rule. i got them off ebay i am a size 5 1/2 so i got them in a size 6 and thankfully i did because i think the 5 would have been to small. i got them for £45 which is wikid and free P&P and seeing as they were selling in the shop at £70 so woot hehe. incase u want to google them they are called. Osiris – ‘South Bronx’ Fluffy Trainer Boot (Black/Neon) heres all the pictures.

Front view

 Also the awesome thing about these shoes is the shoe box, yes i did just say the shoe box, a handle can be pushed out so no need for a bag and why would you with this amazing shoe box. its designed to look like a briefcase/suitcase (which ever u prefer) with travel stickers on it which makes it rock haha.Ok well back to the shoes haha, they are sooooooooooooooooo epically comfortable its untrue – no wearing in needed which is awesome. 

new shoes eeee

 You get black and blue laces with them so you can decide which you want on – both if u really want to haha, i chose the black ones because i feel they make the shoe look better the blue in my opinion took away from the design of the rest of the shoe. 

they look Amazing from all angles, a nice statement shoe – they looked wikid on – already got loads of nice comments about them while wearing them. i do love my shoes so getting compliments is a day maker haha. yes i love my shoes that much. takes me forever to find an amazing pair i want to keep forever and ever and this is one of them.

just look at the fluff wooot

 from all angles these shoes look amazing

back view

 love them love them love them

Front view

 i give these amazing shoes a full 10/10 they are everything they should be and more 😀 i would of even paid the full retail price for these they are that amazing.

Now for my second pair of new shoes – these are more like boots even though my other ones were high tops these are much taller as you can see but from the same company 😀 i ordered these off amazon and got them in a 5 which fit perfectly – i had them weird feet that seem to be ok in shoes ranging from 5-6 all depends on the shoe make and design of the shoe and wot not and from recent years of shoe buying i know which size to get for which style and brand lol. i paided £36 which is a bargain to say they are in the shops for around £60-£80 haha i feel sorry for anyone who paid that – its why you should always check on the internet – 99% of the time you can find it cheaper. and no post or packing chargers again wooot – ther is nothing i hate more then paying for P&P haha. these ones are called Orisis – ‘Uptown LTD’ Tall Trainer Boot (Red/White) incase you wish to look them up.

 These shoes are just amazing, they fit perfectly, ther like slippers they are that comfy and again need no wearing in. Orisis shoes seemed to have been built for my feet haha.


 Its easy to slip your foot in, they look amazing on, also had many people asking where i got them and how much because they do look like a quality shoe and they are – there osiris after all an amazing make of shoes. From all sides this boot look truely awesome.

Front view

 the red kinda shimmers which is very nice and the design on it is just eye popping, its another stand out shoe. i love wearing shoes that say something and these definately do 😀


 the details are just amazing and i thank Osiris for making another perfect shoe =D

back view

 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just look at the prettyness


I give this shoe a massive 10/10 too its just amazing and i would have also paid full retail price for them, they are just so hard not to like.

well there are my lovely new shoes – hope you liked them too hehe.

Samsung GT-B3310 (pink) Vs Samsung GT-B3410

January 21, 2010

Well as the title sugests i shall be compairing the GT-B3310 and the GT-B3410 both of which are samsung phones, i can say now that this is not going to be an in depth review, just general about how easy it is to use and about the features etc…. if you want and amazing indepth review i would try cnet or somewhere like that.

well i shall start with the 3310 because its the one i got before my new one. i brought the 3310 before christmas sometime i can’t actually remember when lol but i was some time before. i got the pink one of course, if i can remeber back that far i paid £70 for the phone on orange with £10 airtime – i never change my sim so this sim shall be used for orange wednesdays then thrown away.                                                                                                                                                                                            Here is a nice piccy of the box it comes in – with the blue version on the front why they didn’t make a pink version box i will never know quite odd really – nice simple box.

The box

You get all the basic kit in the box, the charger – headphones, usb cable (i think), manuel – think thats everything but i am too lazy to check hehe.

i havn’t cleaned up the phone just took photos of it in its used condition – it does have one of those clear things on its screen – for lovely protection. as i am sure u can see it looks nice (some people say odd or don’t like it) all to there own. the odd thing about this phone is the numbers down the side – you can also use these for typing but i donno why u would cin as its a qwerty phone and why would u buy a qwerty phone and then use them god knows but yeh.                                             

You unlock it by holding down the top button or sliding open the phone. i started to find tht unlocking button very very annoying and it has an issue of unlocking itself – i had many occasions where i got it out my bag and it was unlock and typing in numbers and wot not and thankfully i managed to notice when i called SOS the bloody thing – this is one of the reasons why i wanted a new phone to say i hadn’t had this one for very long, of course it has all the other normal buttons on the front. the screen is 2inchs if i member correctly (so small), and i wouldn’t say the quality of the screen is amazing – when i compare it to my new samsung you should be able to see the difference i didn’t realise it was that bad until i compaired it haha.

Front of phone

Here is the back of the phone (u shall see the phone open from the front when i compare it to my new one – the qwerty keyboard is wikid though, easy to use and well spaced). i really am not a fan of the back of this phone when its open its ok because u have that nice pink back showing but the silver back feels tacky and not very nice. its hard to explain but once you have been holding it for a while you shall see.

Back of phone (open)

Overall the phone is very easy to use, looks good (well from the front) but i am sure some people would disagree with it looking nice from the front haha. i give the phone a 6 out of 10 its ok but in this day and age is old and basic. i only brought it because my LG shine was dying (had tht phone for yonks) and i didn;t have enough money at the time to get a good one so it was a cheap fill phone really haha.

Well my new phone is the 3410 from samsung again. cost me £80 with £10 air time on orange again using the new sim for orange wed then shall be throwing it. so again not a very expensive phone but its sooooooooooooooooooo much better then the 3310 as i shall tell you when i compair them but for now just gonna tell u about this one.

Here is the nice pretty box nice and simple like the other one – includes, Manuel, Earphones, Charger and phone and battery of course.

The box wooo haha

 here is the very nice front of the phone, seeing as its a qwerty touch screen phone it only has the 3 main buttons on the front of it – around the side it has the volume, camera, radio, input (charger and headphone) on the top of the phone it has a normal headphone jack and the lock button. the screen is 2.6inchs i think which is a really nice size.

Front of phone

 Now i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the back of this phone, just so pretty hehe. and the phone in black looks very nice – again not showing u a pic of the keyboard mwhahaha. but its wikid – not as easy to type as the 3310 was but once you get used to it then its fine – its just at the begining when its hard.

Back of phone (open)

i give this phone a 9 out of 10 – would have got 10 if they keyboard was more like the 3310 but ther is nothing wrong with it haha.

Well now time to compair the two side by side. And poof here they both are hehe. as you can see the screen size i very difference and the screen resolution the 3310 (pink) dosn’t look as clear and as nice as the 3410. as you can see from the backgrounds i love supernatural haha jared and jensen rock hehe. well from just comparing them by look i would say the 3410 is clearly better, the black just looks much more appealing then the pink 3310 and the pink makes it look like a phone for much younger people i.e teens.

front of both phones - screens on

 Now onto the phones features and layout and wotnot again the 3310 has a basic everything where as the 3410 is just like the menu layout for all samsungs touch screen phones except without all the extra extra pointless features lol.

the menu's on the phones

 Now onto the qwerty keyboard, the screens flip as you slide them open wooo and again i think the 3410 looks a lot better its just an all round better phone.

Qwerty keyboard powerrrrr

In my opinion if you want to get a samsung phone or any phone under £100 with a qwerty keyboard go for the 3410 (the one on the left) and you also get the bonus of the touch screen which i love. the screen is fast to react to what you tell it to do no delay its just a perfect phone and one that i hope to use for years and years to come 😀

Figma Aegis Review :D

November 12, 2009

Well as i said in the last post i got her yesterday – epic i know 😀 – just 7 days after she was shipped i think someone stuck a rocket up royal mails butt lol. either way i have her now after weeks of waiting. pre-orders are good but the waiting is not hehe. i pre-ordered her from Otacute, a website i find myself using over and over again lol, its just such a good website, and i will defo be using it over and over in the future.

Well i have had some spare time after uni – doing my annoying presentation lol and i put down guitar hero 5 for a while to do a review on her with pretty pictures hehe.

So of course the first part you see is the box (she is already out the box due to the fact i got her yesterday and took her out and am too lazy to put her back in hehe). The box is a very nice blue the front is ok, nothing too amazing like some of the other figma box’s iv got but it gets much better when u turn the box around hehe. she wanted to pose with the box seeing as i was being stuborn and wouldn’t put her back in lol.


Power to the box hehe

Ahhhhh the preety picture on the side – its just such an epic pic hehe and of course the back of the box showing all the poses and all the wotnot she comes with lol. which in this picture is nicely placed out of the box so you can see 😀

Hehe think shes planning

 And just because i am sooooooooooo very kind here is a close up of just the extra items, she has 3 faces althogether – the ones shes using and the two in this pic, 8 extra hands all different ofcourse, the extra attachments for her arms and the all mightly EPIC glove, you can spin and take of the top part for easy posing 😀 i have found no issues with any of her others parts, all the painting and modeling is top notch – i’m very very impressed so far 😀


All the parts you get

 And of course can’t not mention the freebie otacute gave me with my purchase, who don’t love freebies cus i know i do :D, lovely long long hair, and wearing purple (my fav colour hehe).


Freeeeeeeeeeeebie 😀

 Now time for the posing pictures hehe, my favorite part 😀

As i am sure you can see from this very first photo SHES AMAZING hehe, love her love her loveeeeee her :D.  i have gone through and checked every nook and cranny on her and i have only found one paint related issue if you can even called it that, its tiny lol. my friend has also got the same figma which i think she is reviewing too so i shall post a link to her review if and when she does one to see if hers is ok but iv asked her and shes found no issues with hers.


shes so epic hehe

 The quality of this figma is very impressive and because of how she looks you don’t really notice the joints – which a lot of people seem to not like about figmas, but it don’t bother me. the feet have this little stand things on them which means she can stand on her own – which when you get it and look at them u will also see that its bloooody impressive lol. and you don’t notice them its genius i say lol.


love this picture of her

 also i love this figma due to the fact she dosn’t feel like she is going to snap as i break her all her joints move very smoothly which is very impressive to say my other figmas need gentle tweaking to get them in the position i want. also nice range of movement – which is always good means more fun poses hehe



You can see in this picture the tiny clear plastic stands that go in her feet – impressive stuff 

As i said before the painting and quality is top notch and she really does look truly AMAZING, if you havn’t ordered her yet do so because she is well worth £15 well i would pay well over that to have her. Defo one not to miss


epic pose

 Common just look at that glove, its the worlds most amazing glove haha. rocket punch rule hehe

Thought i would take a pic from the side of her to show u the ickle paint issue and just to show you how epic she looks from the side lol – the red band on her arm is movable too 😀

if you look at the red and black paint is not as neat as i would like but its not really noticable – something about certain shots with certain cameras that pic out some details lol. but its fine on her other side lol.


Side view

 Nice and slim i see lol, i was lazy and only used one of her 3 faces for this photoshoot but this one is my favourite face lol. A nice close up of her, love this pic – makes her boobs look massive (which they are not lol, how very random) naughty camera flash 😀


close up

 A nice strong pose – this rocket glove is gonna kick ur A** 😀


POWER hehe

 Of course once drossel saw this new gadget she wanted it, aegis seems very unaware lol


I think drossel wants the glove hehe

 i got a nice over exposed shot (don’t often say that lol) so decided to make it an artsey pic lol, so here it is, nice and pink and purple cus they rule lol – and made her eyes go amazinly blue 😀


The pic was over exposed so i made it a pretty pink hehe

Well after all my fiddling and posing and photographing and writing i can honestly give her a major 10/10 i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her soooooo much, she is running in parrel with drossel as my favourite figma hehe. if you havn’t got her yet go buy her 😀

anymore questions feel free to ask 😀


Tamama Robo Mk2 Kit Review

October 17, 2009

I got this kit from gundam mad because i just happened to be looking on ther site and saw that they had it in stock 😀 so of course i had to get it, this is the one i really really want out of all of them and now i have it hehe and it was the right price at £5.99 i think. well i really can’t member lol was a week ago now lol – my head is now filled with uni stuff lol.

well of course to start off is the pretty box, and it is very very pretty 😀 all the pictures and artwork is great. never disappointed with the boxs – it may be sad but its not fault they are so pretty.


The box woooop

 and of course we open the box to find the sprues woop, all nice and colourful as allways, and of course the stickers that you get with them, this one has a choice of eyes too – epic haha.


The sprues and stickers

 i also ordered a pigment marker (liner) 0.05 for doing the panel lines on my gundam kits, among others because i always think they look better when the lines have been filled in. look good without but even better with them done 😀


Pigment marker for the panel lines

 Then of course the instructions leaflety thing haha, again only looked at the pics to work out how to build it, and the illustrations on the other side are very nice just like on the other kit i have



 Well i sat down and build him, fairly quickly seeing as these kits are very easy to build, here he is all in pieces waiting to be fitted together hehe.


The kit spread out

 Awwwwwww no forgetting the wee ickle one hehe, so cute and small well not that small but small enough lol.



 Here he is after i did the panel lines, quite quickly of course and i was watching tv at the time i have never been able to do just do one thing at once i find it boring lol


So epic

 Here he got a little naughty and started shouting at him to get it because he was starting to have a bit to much fun on his own lolz, soooooooooooooooo cute. this kit was very easy to build fits together nicely, iv found no problems with it and it looks great. so glad i got him.


telling him to get in

 He got in and now they r ready to kick butt lolz 😀



 ahhhhhh its just so epic i did have a spac at one point when i thought i had lost one of the red stickers for the leg but i found it the next day hehe thankgod lol.


He's ready for anything

 And of course i had to convert him just to show you wot it looks like and this is how is displayed with my other kits and figmas, he was spend time in both positions i think but this one is just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute, and it goes on the little stand so looks even better hehe 😀



 And of course he had to meet up with my other MK1 kit so now i have a MK1 and a MK2 hopefully by the end i will have all 5 from each set, seeing as i love both sets hehe.


Both of them


i give this kit a full 1o/10 its got no problems or issues and just to the fact when u collect all 5 u can make the god woooop, which i really can’t wait for lol.

if you have been thinking out getting them then do they are great kits whether you go for the MK1 set or the MK2 set both are great 😀