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DBSK Vol. 3 “O” Repackage Ver + Poster Arrived!

October 12, 2010
well i finally own this album YAY, i actually want all the versions of this album but when i saw someone selling this one brand new with poster how could i say no! I also got this one off Grapemusiccd on ebay (the other one was the Tohoshinki best selection 2010)
Here is the amazing poster *stares* gawd its awesome, the texture the picture the colours everything is PERFECT! and its now on my wall looking truly AWESOME!

Poster size 53 x 75 (cm)

Now onto the amazing album, which really is a box of wonders!

DBSK Best Selection 2010 + 2Posters Arrived

October 10, 2010
This was one of the first albums to arrive (monday) – this is one of the two packages that arrived! (each package had two albums/DVD’s in them) even though i had to wait for the posters to arrive (they came today) before i could review the item, but i would take tube over a folded poster any day XD
Well because this was a first press version i got 2 posters with it and the photo card which is at the end of the post XD the first poster is the advertising one! which is now on my wardrobe XD

Poster size: 52 x 73 (cm)


Beast Mastermind Album + Poster arrived!

October 8, 2010

WOOOOO and in only 7days, its a new record! the fastest time before was 9 days! – The album was pre-ordered from DVDHeaven and shipped on sept 30th and i chose the cheapest form of P&P so for it to arrive in just one week is insanely AWESOME!!! and OW MY GAWD ITS AMAZING!!!

And to add a note about DVDHeaven they shipped the poster in a hard tube in the box this time YAY, not that i have had an issue with the previous way it was packed it just means more protection which is always a good thing XD

here is the link to DVDHeaven if you wish to purchase the item!

First i shall start with the poster, which is bigger then the normal size poster you get free with an album – its more normal poster size [Poster size is 76 x 52 cm] i love this size poster its perfect! it has a gloss finish (so TOTALLY lickable!) and the logo in the top right-hand corner is shiny too *stares in amazement* i LOVE the photo they used its extremely sexy!!! now if they would release and underwear version! *Brain wanders* keke

Well Now onto the very large shiny album!


Beast is the B2st Album + Poster

August 1, 2010

Yes i’m a slow one, only just buying this now *tut tut* will be getting the other one shortly hopefully then POW the new comeback album WHICH I AM ALREADY MAJORILY SPAZZING OVER *breaths* Ok well amazingly the last 3 albums all turned up on the same day! how epic is that, anyway i shall post about one each day, 2days being Beast is the b2st, 2moro shall be DBSK’s Mirotic album then last shall be C.N Blue – blue loveeeeeee!

Well to start i shall cover the poster then the album then the booklet of many many pages – i feel in a good mood so shall post them all, which means that this post will have around 30 photos in it though but its worth it but yeh give it time to load HAHA, i shall put the booklet photos into a gallery at the bottom of the page just click them for the LARGER version.

Well i removed the envelope – not much point in taking a photo of that! The album and poster wrapped in a hell of a lot of bubble wrap 😀 makes me happy that they took so much effort to make sure no damage would come to my precious item and i also thought the ickle dude on the tape was cute too.

Now time to remove the bubble wrap and *SPAZZ* so to speak haha


G. Dragon Heartbreaker Album

July 24, 2010

It arrived yesterday [Friday], the girl  posted in on Thursday so for it to arrive the next morning was very AWESOME, suppose she did only live bout an hour away but meh haha. Well its not like this album is new out or anything [Released: 2009-09-04] its just i havn’t had the money to get it but my mum then said she would get it for me *spazzes* as a passing my second year of uni present WOOO.

So this will just be a nice post with pictures and me doing some happy rambling along the way.

Well first off the poster/album that arrived 😀 i really wanted this ver of the poster too, the other ver was this one – the poster is much bigger then i thought it would be but this is a good thing cus i love HUGE posters 😀 – also you can see the album, which is also big haha. i shall be adding this poster to my wall once the other posters/albums i ordered arrive cus i don’t wanna have to re-arange my wall each time a new one comes – i shall update with a photo once they are all here though.

 Now time for some more upclose photo’s of the album