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New Moan – Yes thats right new moan haha

December 11, 2009

If you’re wondering if i have miss spelled new moon i haven’t haha, i am referring to the book New moan it’s a parody book of the twilight saga and its Hilarious, Most lines are some kind of sex reference 😀 haha – now i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the books – not such a huge fan of the films.

But i love the first book – twilight – its my fav one. but i must say don’t buy new moan if you don’t have a sence of humour or are under 16 without letting ur rents read some first haha. (but cin as most kids read anything these days or nothing at all i am sure they won’t lol). I am soooo happy i got it – its a defo must read for any twilight fan with a sence of humour.

So far i am up to chapter5 and i already love it…


just thought i would inform people of its existence if they hadn’t heard of it, because i hadn’t until i saw it in waterstones wooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol.

If you have read it tell me what you think?

and if not and are intrigued go out and buy it lol – but don’t blame if u have no sence of humour haha.

Enjoy 😀

Link to authors twitter:

also if u want to add me:

i will prob do a full review once i have finished it WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😀


Twilight Book

April 2, 2009

well since i have been at uni i haven’t really had much time to just sit back and read a good book and so i have quite a few books that have piled up that i want to read. So of course after seeing twilight at the cinema and having a big love for anything vampire i decided to read the books, i had also heard that they were even more amazing then the film and they were right.

twilight book cover

Well i am only half way through the first one at the mo (Twilight) but its amazing, its just one of those books you cannot put down, and at the end of the chapter it ends in such a way that you cannot help but carry on reading even though its turned 2am and you know you should be going to sleep but your brain just keeps telling you one more chapter go on, it won’t hurt lol. it has a way of drawing you in and not wanting to let go. Which in my eyes is always the best kinda book even though u have to deal with the lack of sleep lol, but thankfully i haven’t got any early mornings at the mo so that is not a problem. The book is just amazing the way its written and the interaction between the characters normally makes me smile the whole time i am reading it lol.

I only have the first 3 books at the moment just waiting for the 4th one to come down in price and i will be getting that. i recommend this book to anyone and everyone its just sooooo amazing and a feel good book. i can’t wait till i have read all of them and i will probably read them again just to make sure they are forever embedded in my head.

Book 1 = Twilight

Book 2 = New moon

Book 3 = Eclipse

Book 4 = Breaking dawn

if you would like more information on the books then here is the link