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[Spazz] MV Orgy!!!

January 4, 2011

I don’t think as a fan girl in Kpop that you can get a better ‘high’ then 3!!! YES 3!!! Mv’s coming out in one night!!! Even more so when you’re a huge fan of each group/pairing!!!

This is generally a spazz post over these AMAZING MV’s and my thoughts on them – yes i do on occasion think! though i like to keep it to a minimum



Joon is Thunder’s new calculator

June 8, 2010

 I wanna have a go, *poke*

And just cus, In pain Joon!!! hehe i kid ofc

All My new posters

June 6, 2010

Well this is how my walls looks at the mo, its been through so many changes its untrue haha, and the Rain fabric poster has been iron *grin* yes finally i know – and that the creased Rains world poster on the wall i am keeping the neat one till next yr hehe

Well time to go spazz on the internet about Rain and the mtv awards 😀

MBLAQ [Y] Ablum & Poster

June 6, 2010

WOOOOOO i finally have it in my possession, sorry its taken me so long to post the pictures its just i went home last friday and it arrived before i left and then wordpress wasn’t working here (uni flat) i have no idea why. But now its working again i can post all the picture hehe. I took i picture of all of the pages well except the ones with just writing on *grin*

Well here’s what was in the package the very glossed up poster and shiney album, on first impression’s WOW haha

Already looks awesome

Well first i shall cover the Poster cin as i have the world record for pictures in this post for the album haha


MBLAQ Comeback stage

May 20, 2010

 YAYNESS, its pure awesome AND SEX and well everything haha

I am just flailing over the 100% awesomeness of this comeback performance wowza i LOVE it, joon ripping open his shirt at the right point ohhh yes he takes after Rain well with knowing exactly when to reveal his abs *thud*

UPDATE: all the links i posted to youtube are no longer working, which i did know would happen and i shall be re-linking as they are posted up – i have relinked Y)


One Better Day

(still looking for an upload of it 😀 )