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MBLAQ [Y] Ablum & Poster

June 6, 2010

WOOOOOO i finally have it in my possession, sorry its taken me so long to post the pictures its just i went home last friday and it arrived before i left and then wordpress wasn’t working here (uni flat) i have no idea why. But now its working again i can post all the picture hehe. I took i picture of all of the pages well except the ones with just writing on *grin*

Well here’s what was in the package the very glossed up poster and shiney album, on first impression’s WOW haha

Already looks awesome

Well first i shall cover the Poster cin as i have the world record for pictures in this post for the album haha



MBLAQ Comeback stage

May 20, 2010

 YAYNESS, its pure awesome AND SEX and well everything haha

I am just flailing over the 100% awesomeness of this comeback performance wowza i LOVE it, joon ripping open his shirt at the right point ohhh yes he takes after Rain well with knowing exactly when to reveal his abs *thud*

UPDATE: all the links i posted to youtube are no longer working, which i did know would happen and i shall be re-linking as they are posted up – i have relinked Y)


One Better Day

(still looking for an upload of it ūüėÄ )

MBLAQ Full ‘Y’ MV [HD]

May 17, 2010

 I have been waiting for this for too long, but the day has finally come Рthe MV is out!!!!! and its HOT!!!

Its pure awesome SEX!!!! and¬†manlyness flying in all directions and……


This video is FULL 1080p HD hell yeh

(also you can download the video in HD off youtube i always use this site enter the url then select the quality you want the video and seeing as u have the full HD option i would go for that haha)

And ofc pictures YAY haha