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October 30, 2010

Our boys grinning away

I have been SO busy with Uni work and spazzing on twitter that i have kinda half neglected my blog, i have some photo’s and stuff to post up of the DBSK Items that have arrived

– DBSK Mirotic Concert DVD + Poster

– All About DBSK Season 3 + 6 Posters



Beast Mastermind Album + Poster arrived!

October 8, 2010

WOOOOO and in only 7days, its a new record! the fastest time before was 9 days! – The album was pre-ordered from DVDHeaven and shipped on sept 30th and i chose the cheapest form of P&P so for it to arrive in just one week is insanely AWESOME!!! and OW MY GAWD ITS AMAZING!!!

And to add a note about DVDHeaven they shipped the poster in a hard tube in the box this time YAY, not that i have had an issue with the previous way it was packed it just means more protection which is always a good thing XD

here is the link to DVDHeaven if you wish to purchase the item!

First i shall start with the poster, which is bigger then the normal size poster you get free with an album – its more normal poster size [Poster size is 76 x 52 cm] i love this size poster its perfect! it has a gloss finish (so TOTALLY lickable!) and the logo in the top right-hand corner is shiny too *stares in amazement* i LOVE the photo they used its extremely sexy!!! now if they would release and underwear version! *Brain wanders* keke

Well Now onto the very large shiny album!


Kpop Albums Ordered

July 19, 2010

well i have wanted these albums for a while now so thought hey why not just buy them all around the same time – this is prob a normal person’s thinking but mine was generally just I WANT I SHALL GET so i got one then thought duck it and brought the others i wanted, My mum brought me one too which was my reward for passing the second yr of uni cus obv without the reward of a kpop cd i would have failed *giggle* i hope i get two for graduating (i’m going to be starting my last yr of uni in sept DUN dun dun!!!) anyway back to my point of buying albums.

I have ordered 4 and pre-ordered one which will prob ship at the same time as the others but meh, I shall go through them in the order i well you know ordered them HAHA.

First off is…

SHINee – Lucifer + Poster [Pre-order]

Yup SHINee ofc was my pre-order if you haven’t heard about this comeback wtf have u been???? no i mean SERIOUSLY where have u been? well yeh i used DVDHeaven again for my pre-order they ship out on the 20th which is 2 days sooner then YesAsia who ship out on the 22nd donno why they just do and i found YesAsia’s p&p last time SOOOOO SLOW where as each time i have ordered from DVDHeaven [this is my 5th time] its arrived within 10 days (using cheapest option and i am in UK [ships from korea] so that is awesomely fast). I have no idea which picture is going to be used for the poster i think i will be finding out on the day which is fine by me all the images i have seen so far have been AWESOME so i have faith it will be an gud picture.