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Update: Job + Birthday + JYJ Concert + HOTNESS

September 30, 2011

Iv decided when you read this post i want you to do as jaejoong does when he reads (minus getting the sty) so go get yourself a spoon! take of your shoes and socks off and chillaxe!

Well haven’t i been all lazy…in the sense of updating, but honestly not my fault this time!!! its cus *drum roll*



Shop till u drop! *Preferably on Rain*

September 3, 2011

Well what is this about well my this my friends is about my T-Shirt design shop ūüėÄ yes i¬†finally did it! after all your moaning of u want it on a tee well now u can! and i bloody hope u do *cough needs the money cough*


Well of course this post is to promote¬†the shop it will sell my normal designs along with Kpop designs ūüėÄ

i shall be adding a¬†shortcut¬†button (ie the one above) to my sidebar for instant access to my shop ūüėÄ

And i¬†am also fine with you asking me to design a tee that you have always wanted but no one has ever done or one that you have seen…if that even makes sense lol, whether¬†is kpop¬†or random it doesn’t matter ūüėÄ

So far i have 28 designs in the shop. Here they are

and i keep adding more as i finish them so keep checking back and i shall do update posts of new designs and the most popular and if i have put and on sale or limited period XD

I shall be fully expanding to hoodies and badges, cups, caps etc.. as i¬†go along so for now only a few designs that¬†have these options but if you want a certain design on in a hoody¬†or on something else just post a comment below and i shall add it ūüėÄ its as simple as that!

Please take a look and buy….yes i am here to sell *continues to poke you till you buy one* kekeke ūüėÄ


Jae and Rain fan artwork!

November 22, 2010

Due to Uni work i haven’t been able to update my blog much GRRRRR, i have a presentation this wed *shudder* so i have been working my butt off trying to get all the work done that i need to show (on a Computer animation course 3rd yr). I won’t bore you with the boring details because you wouldn’t understand most of the words i would use lol and i can’t be bothered *grin*

Anyway the point of this post¬†is what i do to de-stress i suppose, its¬†something that i enjoy doing so don’t see it as work – i wish i could just sit and create stuff in Photoshop each and every day! this job does in fact exist but i need to improve my PS skills by a lot – I am all self-taught seeing as when i was in school not even the graphic teachers knew how to use Photoshop (idiots) to point out i am only 21 so when i was in school yeh they should have taught us that but oh well i prefer learning myself anyway… oh no I’m rambling again!


DBSK Mirotic concert DVD Arrived!

November 5, 2010

Yes i am VERY slow this arrived a while ago now and i have watched it too many times to count – Seriously its AMAZING can never get enough *melts* i brought this off the seller i always use on ebay! They are amazing they sell stuff at a lowish price the item arrives fast and in perfect lickable quality!

Can i just say now this is my second time of writing this post out O___O i got near the end and my internet died and wiped everything out *eye twitches*

Well first off is the sexy poster its around average poster size not huge but not small but filled with DBSK kekeke – yes it looks amazing on my bed but it looks even better on my wall! – well my DBSK wall to be more exact well tech 2 walls and they are on other walls too HAHA seriously these boys cover my room!


Pre-Ordered JYJ International Album Limited ver

September 30, 2010

Yes i¬†actually managed to order one *SPAZZZZZES* i¬†managed to get it off DVDHeaven¬†before they took it off – i¬†gather they took it off cus¬†they filled how many they had to sell, i¬†must say it wasn’t up for long, i¬†did wanna buy the normal edition too but due to how limited the stock of the album seems to be at the mo i¬†thought i¬†would leave it till it was fully released and back in stock and i¬†don’t wanna take a normal copy away from a fellow cassie XD