JYJ The Beginning Arrived!

November 2, 2010

This one is the normal Edition the Limited and Taiwan ver should be here next monday and i shall also post pictures up when they arrive.

Well this arrived a few days ago now but i have been ill and busy with uni work so haven’t had time to update i also have 3 DBSK items to post about lol, i ordered this from DVDHeaven and it arrived in 8days XD

First off the Poster! its SOOOO much bigger then i thought it would be which is a good thing XD the bigger the better kekeke – it has that normal poster finish not glossy or matte that one in between lol. Ohhhh it looks amazing on my wall XD




October 30, 2010

Our boys grinning away

I have been SO busy with Uni work and spazzing on twitter that i have kinda half neglected my blog, i have some photo’s and stuff to post up of the DBSK Items that have arrived

– DBSK Mirotic Concert DVD + Poster

– All About DBSK Season 3 + 6 Posters


Pre-Ordered JYJ International Album Limited ver

September 30, 2010

Yes i actually managed to order one *SPAZZZZZES* i managed to get it off DVDHeaven before they took it off – i gather they took it off cus they filled how many they had to sell, i must say it wasn’t up for long, i did wanna buy the normal edition too but due to how limited the stock of the album seems to be at the mo i thought i would leave it till it was fully released and back in stock and i don’t wanna take a normal copy away from a fellow cassie XD