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Shop till u drop! *Preferably on Rain*

September 3, 2011

Well what is this about well my this my friends is about my T-Shirt design shop ūüėÄ yes i¬†finally did it! after all your moaning of u want it on a tee well now u can! and i bloody hope u do *cough needs the money cough*


Well of course this post is to promote¬†the shop it will sell my normal designs along with Kpop designs ūüėÄ

i shall be adding a¬†shortcut¬†button (ie the one above) to my sidebar for instant access to my shop ūüėÄ

And i¬†am also fine with you asking me to design a tee that you have always wanted but no one has ever done or one that you have seen…if that even makes sense lol, whether¬†is kpop¬†or random it doesn’t matter ūüėÄ

So far i have 28 designs in the shop. Here they are

and i keep adding more as i finish them so keep checking back and i shall do update posts of new designs and the most popular and if i have put and on sale or limited period XD

I shall be fully expanding to hoodies and badges, cups, caps etc.. as i¬†go along so for now only a few designs that¬†have these options but if you want a certain design on in a hoody¬†or on something else just post a comment below and i shall add it ūüėÄ its as simple as that!

Please take a look and buy….yes i am here to sell *continues to poke you till you buy one* kekeke ūüėÄ



Happy 1st Anniversary to CloudUSA!

January 21, 2011

Yes today is the day!!! it was a year today that CloudUSA was established (21st January 2010) and what an amazing year it has been!

About Cloud USA: Who We Are ~ page 1

Everyone has there own nice story about how they found out about rain and became his fan, But if you upgrade that to how you¬†found out about him became a fan then created an international fan site¬†which in one year has gone from a blog to an unexplainable AWESOME!¬†consisting of website, blog and a Forum! with Clouds addicted to the updates (doses of Rain to whom we rely on Terri and Stephe to prescribe) and the¬†international cloud community they have created¬†then well isn’t the story of how that all started worh reading?¬†YES!!!! and your just in luck because they both wrote one!

Stephe’s story

Terri’s Story

Also a huge thankyou to Jim, Alex and Kris *massive cloud hug to each of you*

Due to How much CloudUSA’s founders mean to me and how much i know they mean to others i wanted to create this post to show them how much they mean to us and for CloudUSA’s first year anniversary! So i emailed all of you (broke my fingers while doing so!) and hatched our secret plan! the response i got was amazing! your all so talented! Thankyou for helping me to make this possible!


Throwing Banana’s at CloudUSA!

August 2, 2010


Well by now you should ALL realise I’m a cloud and a very spazz one at that *grin* well ummmm the point of this post is to talk about CloudUSA and how much it means to me, I say this because well it means A LOT (I’m amazing with words as you will find out *chuckle*).¬†I believe this amazing website, blog and forum is around 6months old now (too lazy to check this with them), i didn’t discover this website till around ummm it was a month and a bit old I think (again too lazy to check). This is when i started Talking to Terri and Stephe (Founders of CloudUSA), I first came across the blog¬† (run by Stephe) which lead me to the website (run by Terri) then I discovered the forum, its like an amazing package you couldn’t ask for more they covered All the bases hehe.¬†¬†¬†


Tumblr + Rain header Artwork

June 29, 2010

I¬†have finally started using my Tumblr¬†blog *nods* yes when i¬†say finally i¬†mean iv had it for gawd¬†knows how long now and only 2days¬†ago¬†did i¬†start using it.¬†I find it a quicker way to Spam tones of Japanese and Korean related stuff i love which is mainly photo’s of guys ūüėÄ haha.

Ofc this WordPress blog is very much the centre of my Blogging world i update with the more EPIC things here so i can use the tumblr for my random spamage to save this blog from going mental if u at all get what i am saying HAHA.

I Used some of my old Rain artwork for the header i just added in my Logo then created the background for it in photoshop (100% done my me). Oh i suppose i can show u some process work cin as i did save some as i went along Рyou can even try having a got yourself if u feel like it haha.

First thing i did was add the logo then remove the black background because i wanted to make a pretty one.


New [Bi] Rain Fabric Poster

May 25, 2010

Ok iv had this one for like ummmm a week or over not sure haha, i got it off ebay, i LOVE posters and having hot guys and my walls keke and having a fabric poster makes it all the more sexy and awesome, i was supposed to do this blog post a while ago but i forgot WOOPS haha.

I asked the seller where she got it from due to my over obsessive interest keke, she said she got it from a trip to Hong Kong lucky lucky haha and i thank her for selling it so i can have it hahahaha

Well here it is

28 x 38.5 inchs

Yes it does need to be ironed but i’m lazy haha

The seller was awesome and even gave me a free poster