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Joon is Thunder’s new calculator

June 8, 2010

 I wanna have a go, *poke*

And just cus, In pain Joon!!! hehe i kid ofc


MBLAQ Comeback stage

May 20, 2010

 YAYNESS, its pure awesome AND SEX and well everything haha

I am just flailing over the 100% awesomeness of this comeback performance wowza i LOVE it, joon ripping open his shirt at the right point ohhh yes he takes after Rain well with knowing exactly when to reveal his abs *thud*

UPDATE: all the links i posted to youtube are no longer working, which i did know would happen and i shall be re-linking as they are posted up – i have relinked Y)


One Better Day

(still looking for an upload of it 😀 )

Chocolate Abs Starring Rain and Joon

April 21, 2010

This is what happens when Twitter convo’s become post’s and isn’t the outcome pure sexiness hehe

The Title and idea for this was thought up by starzinmybelly 

Ok if you havn’t got what i am about to do from the title of this post it generally involves as many pictures as i want of Rain and Joon’s abs *thud*

So if you like Joon or Rain or Abs or all of them together (like me) then this is the post for you hehehe

so i do pre-warn symptoms of viewing this post can vary from fan girl squealing to brain melting and speach issues. Enjoy 😀


Ofc i HAD to finish on this picture *THUD*

hope you enjoyed this as much as i did hehehehe