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Pre-Ordered JYJ International Album Limited ver

September 30, 2010

Yes i actually managed to order one *SPAZZZZZES* i managed to get it off DVDHeaven before they took it off – i gather they took it off cus they filled how many they had to sell, i must say it wasn’t up for long, i did wanna buy the normal edition too but due to how limited the stock of the album seems to be at the mo i thought i would leave it till it was fully released and back in stock and i don’t wanna take a normal copy away from a fellow cassie XD


Ordered JYJ’s new mini album YAY!

September 9, 2010

Well as most of you won’t know i have no money at the mo O___O *shudder* but thankfully its my b’day on the 25th so i thought i either go without the firstpress of this album or beg my sister to get it me for my b’day but no begging was involved she went YES instantly WOOOOOOOOOOOOO (she should be glad she wasn’t next to me cus i would have been bouncing and screaming in her face due how fudging excited i was)

Ofc i have already listened to the songs over and over and over melting into a puddle of fan girling each and every time i love all 4 songs i really can’t pick a favourite yet but i’m sure i will have one by time the album arrives YAY XD

I ordered the Jacket A ver, which is the CD+DVD and the colour image (the jacket B is just the CD and the cover is black and white and using a only slightly diff image!)

I can’t wait for it to be shipped was released on the 8/9 sept (so yesterday/today) YesAsia and CdJapan had it (cin as its a japan release not korean) annoyingly DVDHeaven didn’t have it O___O they don’t seem to be selling any JYJ items which puzzles me cus they have such a large amount of DBSK stuff *shruggs shoulders* who knows lol.

I do want ALL the other JYJ stuff but yeh not a millionaire yet! you shall b the first to know when i am hehe

Well i will be sittiing here spazzing till it get here i choice registered airmail so around 4-12 days hehe – i ofc shall be updating with images when it arrives!


Tumblr + Rain header Artwork

June 29, 2010

I have finally started using my Tumblr blog *nods* yes when i say finally i mean iv had it for gawd knows how long now and only 2days ago did i start using it. I find it a quicker way to Spam tones of Japanese and Korean related stuff i love which is mainly photo’s of guys 😀 haha.

Ofc this WordPress blog is very much the centre of my Blogging world i update with the more EPIC things here so i can use the tumblr for my random spamage to save this blog from going mental if u at all get what i am saying HAHA.

I Used some of my old Rain artwork for the header i just added in my Logo then created the background for it in photoshop (100% done my me). Oh i suppose i can show u some process work cin as i did save some as i went along – you can even try having a got yourself if u feel like it haha.

First thing i did was add the logo then remove the black background because i wanted to make a pretty one.