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Figma Aegis Review :D

November 12, 2009

Well as i said in the last post i got her yesterday – epic i know 😀 – just 7 days after she was shipped i think someone stuck a rocket up royal mails butt lol. either way i have her now after weeks of waiting. pre-orders are good but the waiting is not hehe. i pre-ordered her from Otacute, a website i find myself using over and over again lol, its just such a good website, and i will defo be using it over and over in the future.

Well i have had some spare time after uni – doing my annoying presentation lol and i put down guitar hero 5 for a while to do a review on her with pretty pictures hehe.

So of course the first part you see is the box (she is already out the box due to the fact i got her yesterday and took her out and am too lazy to put her back in hehe). The box is a very nice blue the front is ok, nothing too amazing like some of the other figma box’s iv got but it gets much better when u turn the box around hehe. she wanted to pose with the box seeing as i was being stuborn and wouldn’t put her back in lol.


Power to the box hehe

Ahhhhh the preety picture on the side – its just such an epic pic hehe and of course the back of the box showing all the poses and all the wotnot she comes with lol. which in this picture is nicely placed out of the box so you can see 😀

Hehe think shes planning

 And just because i am sooooooooooo very kind here is a close up of just the extra items, she has 3 faces althogether – the ones shes using and the two in this pic, 8 extra hands all different ofcourse, the extra attachments for her arms and the all mightly EPIC glove, you can spin and take of the top part for easy posing 😀 i have found no issues with any of her others parts, all the painting and modeling is top notch – i’m very very impressed so far 😀


All the parts you get

 And of course can’t not mention the freebie otacute gave me with my purchase, who don’t love freebies cus i know i do :D, lovely long long hair, and wearing purple (my fav colour hehe).


Freeeeeeeeeeeebie 😀

 Now time for the posing pictures hehe, my favorite part 😀

As i am sure you can see from this very first photo SHES AMAZING hehe, love her love her loveeeeee her :D.  i have gone through and checked every nook and cranny on her and i have only found one paint related issue if you can even called it that, its tiny lol. my friend has also got the same figma which i think she is reviewing too so i shall post a link to her review if and when she does one to see if hers is ok but iv asked her and shes found no issues with hers.


shes so epic hehe

 The quality of this figma is very impressive and because of how she looks you don’t really notice the joints – which a lot of people seem to not like about figmas, but it don’t bother me. the feet have this little stand things on them which means she can stand on her own – which when you get it and look at them u will also see that its bloooody impressive lol. and you don’t notice them its genius i say lol.


love this picture of her

 also i love this figma due to the fact she dosn’t feel like she is going to snap as i break her all her joints move very smoothly which is very impressive to say my other figmas need gentle tweaking to get them in the position i want. also nice range of movement – which is always good means more fun poses hehe



You can see in this picture the tiny clear plastic stands that go in her feet – impressive stuff 

As i said before the painting and quality is top notch and she really does look truly AMAZING, if you havn’t ordered her yet do so because she is well worth £15 well i would pay well over that to have her. Defo one not to miss


epic pose

 Common just look at that glove, its the worlds most amazing glove haha. rocket punch rule hehe

Thought i would take a pic from the side of her to show u the ickle paint issue and just to show you how epic she looks from the side lol – the red band on her arm is movable too 😀

if you look at the red and black paint is not as neat as i would like but its not really noticable – something about certain shots with certain cameras that pic out some details lol. but its fine on her other side lol.


Side view

 Nice and slim i see lol, i was lazy and only used one of her 3 faces for this photoshoot but this one is my favourite face lol. A nice close up of her, love this pic – makes her boobs look massive (which they are not lol, how very random) naughty camera flash 😀


close up

 A nice strong pose – this rocket glove is gonna kick ur A** 😀


POWER hehe

 Of course once drossel saw this new gadget she wanted it, aegis seems very unaware lol


I think drossel wants the glove hehe

 i got a nice over exposed shot (don’t often say that lol) so decided to make it an artsey pic lol, so here it is, nice and pink and purple cus they rule lol – and made her eyes go amazinly blue 😀


The pic was over exposed so i made it a pretty pink hehe

Well after all my fiddling and posing and photographing and writing i can honestly give her a major 10/10 i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her soooooo much, she is running in parrel with drossel as my favourite figma hehe. if you havn’t got her yet go buy her 😀

anymore questions feel free to ask 😀


Figma Aegis has been delivered

November 12, 2009

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP she arrived 2day, my friend in the room futher down the flat also preordered her and one other thing (From otacute) her other item came this morning from otacute but we didn’t think at the time that aegis would have also arrived but we got a knock at the door around 7.30 it was the security guard delivering them hehe. so we both got them on the same day, which is amazing delivery time suppose to be 2 – 3 weeks to arrive (we used SAL) and it turned up in 7days which is epic to say royal mail has been stricking and messing up the post over the past few weeks eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

i shall be doing a review and taking tones of photos when i have some spare time

but i must say now shes amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, 😀 hehe