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Happy 1st Anniversary to CloudUSA!

January 21, 2011

Yes today is the day!!! it was a year today that CloudUSA was established (21st January 2010) and what an amazing year it has been!

About Cloud USA: Who We Are ~ page 1

Everyone has there own nice story about how they found out about rain and became his fan, But if you upgrade that to how you found out about him became a fan then created an international fan site which in one year has gone from a blog to an unexplainable AWESOME! consisting of website, blog and a Forum! with Clouds addicted to the updates (doses of Rain to whom we rely on Terri and Stephe to prescribe) and the international cloud community they have created then well isn’t the story of how that all started worh reading? YES!!!! and your just in luck because they both wrote one!

Stephe’s story

Terri’s Story

Also a huge thankyou to Jim, Alex and Kris *massive cloud hug to each of you*

Due to How much CloudUSA’s founders mean to me and how much i know they mean to others i wanted to create this post to show them how much they mean to us and for CloudUSA’s first year anniversary! So i emailed all of you (broke my fingers while doing so!) and hatched our secret plan! the response i got was amazing! your all so talented! Thankyou for helping me to make this possible!


A Box of Heaven from the Clouds

December 4, 2010
I don’t even know how to start this post because well I’m still in shock! *inserts a random photo with a distant connection to the this subject*

RainJae wooooooo

Throwing Banana’s at CloudUSA!

August 2, 2010


Well by now you should ALL realise I’m a cloud and a very spazz one at that *grin* well ummmm the point of this post is to talk about CloudUSA and how much it means to me, I say this because well it means A LOT (I’m amazing with words as you will find out *chuckle*). I believe this amazing website, blog and forum is around 6months old now (too lazy to check this with them), i didn’t discover this website till around ummm it was a month and a bit old I think (again too lazy to check). This is when i started Talking to Terri and Stephe (Founders of CloudUSA), I first came across the blog  (run by Stephe) which lead me to the website (run by Terri) then I discovered the forum, its like an amazing package you couldn’t ask for more they covered All the bases hehe.