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October 30, 2010

Our boys grinning away

I have been SO busy with Uni work and spazzing on twitter that i have kinda half neglected my blog, i have some photo’s and stuff to post up of the DBSK Items that have arrived

– DBSK Mirotic Concert DVD + Poster

– All About DBSK Season 3 + 6 Posters



Tumblr + Rain header Artwork

June 29, 2010

I have finally started using my Tumblr blog *nods* yes when i say finally i mean iv had it for gawd knows how long now and only 2days ago did i start using it. I find it a quicker way to Spam tones of Japanese and Korean related stuff i love which is mainly photo’s of guys 😀 haha.

Ofc this WordPress blog is very much the centre of my Blogging world i update with the more EPIC things here so i can use the tumblr for my random spamage to save this blog from going mental if u at all get what i am saying HAHA.

I Used some of my old Rain artwork for the header i just added in my Logo then created the background for it in photoshop (100% done my me). Oh i suppose i can show u some process work cin as i did save some as i went along – you can even try having a got yourself if u feel like it haha.

First thing i did was add the logo then remove the black background because i wanted to make a pretty one.


New [Bi] Rain Fabric Poster

May 25, 2010

Ok iv had this one for like ummmm a week or over not sure haha, i got it off ebay, i LOVE posters and having hot guys and my walls keke and having a fabric poster makes it all the more sexy and awesome, i was supposed to do this blog post a while ago but i forgot WOOPS haha.

I asked the seller where she got it from due to my over obsessive interest keke, she said she got it from a trip to Hong Kong lucky lucky haha and i thank her for selling it so i can have it hahahaha

Well here it is

28 x 38.5 inchs

Yes it does need to be ironed but i’m lazy haha

The seller was awesome and even gave me a free poster


MTV Finally Give [Bi] Rain a Bio

May 25, 2010

Well MTV FINALLY have a biography up for Rain YAY you can view it here     and because you are over there don’t forget to vote You can vote everyday so get clicking and lets get him this award!

Well with this comes a video of Rain answering questions and no need for subs because he is talking English (or sex as its come to be known – i did not start that *cough GRIN*)

Here is the video in question someone has kindly uploaded up to youtube [thank you o0oLjnho0o]

This video is just wOw, i think my fav thing he says is   “on ma body” but “Hamburger” comes in close second HAHA iv watched this video over and over and over still can’t get enough. Enjoy!

Go here to read what they put and a transcript of the video



Rain’s Lost his ‘Magic Stick’

May 18, 2010

 [I created this post on CloudUSA’s Forum but i thought it would be nice to bring it over to my blog too – its all just for some light fluffy fun]

kekeke i know what you ALL thought as you read this topic title and ofc i did it on purpose out of pure naughtyness.

PurpleZest: Rain you got your breakfast?  
Rain: mhm
PurpleZest: what you have? 

PurpleZest: Hmmmmm sure you did, ok now you have a busy day, we have to find your magic stick, you really can’t remember where you left it?
Rain: Nope *looks away*
PurpleZest: what’s that?
Rain: Nothing!
PurpleZest: Ok Rain you do undersand the concept of YOUR magic stick right? not any kind of stick will do