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All My new posters

June 6, 2010

Well this is how my walls looks at the mo, its been through so many changes its untrue haha, and the Rain fabric poster has been iron *grin* yes finally i know – and that the creased Rains world poster on the wall i am keeping the neat one till next yr hehe

Well time to go spazz on the internet about Rain and the mtv awards ūüėÄ


New [Bi] Rain Fabric Poster

May 25, 2010

Ok iv had this one for like ummmm a week or over not sure haha, i got it off ebay, i LOVE posters and having hot guys and my walls keke and having a fabric poster makes it all the more sexy and awesome, i was supposed to do this blog post a while ago but i forgot WOOPS haha.

I asked the seller where she got it from due to my over obsessive interest keke, she said she got it from a trip to Hong Kong lucky lucky haha and i thank her for selling it so i can have it hahahaha

Well here it is

28 x 38.5 inchs

Yes it does need to be ironed but i’m lazy haha

The seller was awesome and even gave me a free poster


Ordered Bi Rain Signed Rainism Album + Rains World Album + Poster

March 29, 2010

Rainism Album cover

¬†Woooooooooooooooooo¬†i¬†am soooo¬†excited i¬†just brought it, after some –¬†well lots of emails to the seller haha asking all the usual questions the main one being prove its real haha then asking about shipping options seeing as its coming from korea¬†i¬†wanted a more secure and faster way then registered air mail which takes 7-20 days¬†or more which is kinda tracked, but they also had the option of EMS ūüėÄ which takes around 3-6 days is insured and has full tracking ūüôā wooooooooo.¬†


Of course I¬†am not gonna tell you the price i¬†paid but it was a very good price and I¬†am not the kinda insane person with the worlds largest bank account and there is only so much I¬†would pay to get my hands on a signed album, and finally one came along that was the right price but not cheap enough to clearly be a fake haha, for instance the one¬†that someone is¬†selling for¬†$30¬†– if it is real the person is insane for selling it¬†that cheap,¬†but the likely hood is it’s a fake – the autograph¬†did look dodgy and not like his other ones, but the one i¬†got checked out – ofc¬†there¬†is always still a chance the one I¬†got is fake but I¬†am 99% sure it’s not haha.¬†


¬†Here is the Album and the poster i¬†am getting, i¬†went with¬†a top rated seller for the album slightly more money but better chance it will be perfect and arrive on time ūüėÄ hehe¬†– i¬†love wings and i¬†love rain so this is like pure heaven for me hehe¬†– took me forever to find the larger ver of this poster but i finally found it after much searching.¬†


¬†So i¬†now have all¬†this awesomeness on its way too me – well when they send it (i¬†shall update when they do) and rain’s new album back to the basic on its way to me – but this was a pre-order comes out on the 1st of april then i¬†have to wait for it to be delivered i¬†have 2 of them coming. they are from diff companies (if you go back a few posts it tells you the companies with links) and one comes with a poster, which picture they shall use for the poster i¬†don’t know, but as long as its rain I¬†am very very¬†happy hehe.¬†

also you should see me when trying to decide which address to get stuff sent to home (notts) or my uni accommo¬†– most have been sent to my uni accommo¬†(they¬†get collected by the office so i¬†don’t need to be ther)¬†the signed¬†album is the only thing i¬†have sent home (notts) due to using ems¬†so should *crosses fingers* arrive before I leave.¬†

Ok and now i¬†need you fellow clouds to help me, at the mo at uni I¬†have johnny depp¬†(as¬†jack sparrow)¬†on my door but i¬†wanna replace him with rain (don’t worry depp¬†fans i¬†have a jack sparrow and mad hatter¬†poster of him up in the room hehe).¬†

I have found 2 that would be perfect but i¬†can’t have both, well tech i¬†could but if i¬†get the 2nd one it would be at a later date.¬†i¬†NEED your opinion on which to get because i¬†cant actually choose i¬†am going insane trying to decide, so i thought some help with choosing might be nice.¬†

 This is the smexy smexy first one. 

¬†Its¬†a¬†tiny weeny bit smaller than¬†the other one but i really do mean by a little amount. its 13 x 39.5 inchs ūüėĬ†

¬†This one is 14 x 40 inch’s you see what i mean about a tiny weeny bit haha¬†

And emily which one do you think would scare you the least when walking in the flat? haha. Johnny has only got me once Рwish u were there to see me go ahhhh ow right yeh just my poster not a scary man stood in our flat haha, but i blame i on the fact i was alone never did it when i knew you were there how very odd haha. 

I think i am going more for the first one but but the second one arg why ow why did they have to have 2 awesome long ones in sbafiboifbaifoasufbaf hehe. which do you think i should go for? 

may i¬†just add i¬†LOVE spending spree’s hehe, mainly when its related to buying awesome stuff ūüėÄ