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Beast is the B2st Album + Poster

August 1, 2010

Yes i’m a slow one, only just buying this now *tut tut* will be getting the other one shortly hopefully then POW the new comeback album WHICH I AM ALREADY MAJORILY SPAZZING OVER *breaths* Ok well amazingly the last 3 albums all turned up on the same day! how epic is that, anyway i shall post about one each day, 2days being Beast is the b2st, 2moro shall be DBSK’s Mirotic album then last shall be C.N Blue – blue loveeeeeee!

Well to start i shall cover the poster then the album then the booklet of many many pages – i feel in a good mood so shall post them all, which means that this post will have around 30 photos in it though but its worth it but yeh give it time to load HAHA, i shall put the booklet photos into a gallery at the bottom of the page just click them for the LARGER version.

Well i removed the envelope – not much point in taking a photo of that! The album and poster wrapped in a hell of a lot of bubble wrap 😀 makes me happy that they took so much effort to make sure no damage would come to my precious item and i also thought the ickle dude on the tape was cute too.

Now time to remove the bubble wrap and *SPAZZ* so to speak haha