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Rain Got Back???

May 11, 2010

Sorry ladies but this is a banana free zone


Spin our man 180° and BOOM *chuckles*

YES this is a post ALL about Rain and his firm bum!

well you all know i was gonna do it at somepoint, and if you don’t get why i titled the post rain got back? is because i want to trick… wait! nope its because of the song baby got back by Sir mix a lot (

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find pictures of this mans Bum, gawd he needs to turn around more haha. 

As you all know rain likes to change his outfit or just takes his clothes off, which we all approve of keke but today he’s kept a running theme of jeans and you should all know WHY devil

First Rain likes to start low *chuckles* just giving you one cheek

Such a tease isn’t he, hmmmmm – might i just add HOT!!!

sorry i just love this picture and more teasing – he’s touching it *thud*



Bi Rains AMAZING back to the basic album + Poster

April 15, 2010

Well it arrived today from DVD Heaven which is VERY fast to say they only shipped it out on the 8th so its taken less than 6days to get to me which is amazing – i was expecting it to take much longer – i was expecting it sometime next week haha not today so it was an awesome surprise. I wonder how long the one from YesAsia will take to arrive. 

Anyway it arrived it a long package which i wasn’t expecting – should of really cus it also had the poster but i ain’t that bright haha – and i didn’t know if it was a folded poster or not. 

Well here is Milo sitting on my parcel hehe 

The parcel

 I then carefully opened the box because i didn’t know how they had packed it but i opened it up to find the worlds most amazing padding, bubble wrap air bags – very very secure – nothing was gonna damage my items in this haha. 

Opened the box

 After Removing all the padding here are my two items, the poster and album – still in bubble wrap ofc – milo sticking is noise in having a look. 

bubble wrap power!!!!

 Here they are out the box – i was that excited i took a photo at every stage haha – i had ofc narrowed down the photos haha. 

milo trying to snuggle the items

 I undid the amazing bubble wrap and layed everything out – the poster is soo much bigger then i thought it would be, the album is huge too which i love and a small business card size rainism thing haha. 

Milo loves Rain too 😀

 I took a single shot of the poster – ooo i could measure it one sec. Ok its 24 x 18 inch’s roughly – i was expecting it too be much smaller. Its on thick poster paper and has a  very nice gloss finish. shall be added to my wall once i have posted this. 

Amazing poster

Now for the Album and WOW what an album – first a pretty picture with the album on the poster 

love this pic

 I took the clear seal off the album – was very careful doing so. 

You can already see its awesome

 As i am sure you can see from the picture above this is a line going down the middle Why is it there i hear you ask well because you slide both the sides out to reveal this hot 3D holographic image. 

if you tilt the top up you get the first image

Now it’s not just one image oh no, its 3 – 3 amazingly sexy shirtless rain pictures. 

Holding it flat you get the second


tilting the bottom up you get the third

  This is just the start of the awesome that is coming – like this isn’t awesome enough haha 

Now i turn it over to show you the smexy back – when the album is open you can see the list of tracks 

The back of the album

 Now getting to the cd, you open up the sides fully so you can fold over the holographic image to reveal the hidden wonder know as the thing that holds the precious sweet sound of Rain singing or in other words the CD haha. 

Told you it just gets better

 I fold it open to find this – i shall call it a note – and it hides the CD from you for just that extra bit longer haha – also the bit you fold down has shiny writing on it hehe. 

shiney writing

 Has anyone translated this yet??? 

Here is said note

 Now to reveal the very pretty CD 

never fails to amaze me

 Ofcourse i took a close up picture of the CD it says back to the basic: special album around the middle part 

soooo pretty

 Ok now i bet your wondering where is the booklet, you always get a booklet, if you look at the top of the album ther is a sleeve in the back (which you may have noticed in the picture i took of the back of the album) and the booklet is snuggly tucked away in here 😀 

Sneaky sneaky

the booklet cover (bottom right of picture)

 God the amount of so very very very sexy images in this book is unreal – i’m in heaven – i took the picture of the hip song page because as some will know its been on none stop for the past few days – by this i mean the video version i didn’t download it because i wanted to wait till i got the album. 

I photographed the hip song page hehe

 Now for the back of the book *thud* dear god its the worlds sexyest back is it not? 

oooooo hotness

  Isn’t it just the most amazing thing, dear lord serious care has been taken with the design of this album and its just pure genius. My fav album casing was Rainism but this one has far far suppased it wow i’m still in shock over how amazing it is – i expected it too be good from the other albums i own but not this good haha. 

Ofcourse i had to show you it compaired to the other albums i own – here you can defo tell the size difference and these other albums are big. oooo i can show you in comparison to a uk plastic cd case. very noticable differnce HAHA  

paring it to normal uk cd size

 god if only more artists did covers like these i would buy more CD’s instead of using itunes all the time. 

just looks at them, sooo pretty

 Now a random picture with all the albums open and books open – showing the pretty CD’s oooo i love my rain collection can’t wait till i have all of his albums – that will be a good day 

so pretty

 All the songs on the album are amazing but ofc i and you already new that haha. 

I must say i am glad i ordered 2, one i can use, then the other i can keep perfect haha – yes i am that sad. 

Also big thankyou to DVDHeaven WOW the post and packaing was the fastest i have seen so far and soooo well padded and protected, show’s how much they care about there customers getting there items undamaged – i shall definately be using there service again and recomending it to others, and for them to also sell it at the same price with the poster is awesome unlike YesAsia who sell it sept – if you want the poster off there it would have been another £7 haha. 

I am completely and 100% in love with this album it gets all the stars in the universe in my opinion. Well done Rain and thankyou for creating it

B2TB: “Love Song” Full MV + Screen shots

April 2, 2010

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG *THUD* HOLY C**P  its pure awesomeness 😀  it covers all the bases – i’m still in shock. Wow he suprise’s me everytime, it was sooooo much more then i was expecting.

The dancing ooooo the dancing hehehe, and the eye’s omg *thud* sooo much i could cover I LOVEEEEE IT.

He included my favourite thing too SHIRT RIPPING then NO SHIRT omfg ahvdbiasdhiowudvqwdljwuobuwdbwqbd i am sooooo in heaven right now hehehe.

Here are some lovely print screen from the MV – they are in a random order haha.

The outfit is amazing

OMG imagine waking up and seeing this, nfoivrebwvhiabvb – just opening your eyes and boom a smily rain looking at u EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE omg must breath. his smile is soooooo dreamy

*THUD* omg omg omg

Roar hehe

Ahhh the pain he shows here is just amazing, looking at it makes me feel his pain too

You can see the pain

I think he needs a hug


Ok now time for SKIN SOOOOO MUCH SKIN hehe

*THUD* Shirtlessness YAY

omg skin hehe


Shirtless heaven

ooooooo oily

Boys boys boys - serious eye candy hehehe

I saved my favourite till last, SHIRT RIPPING YAYNESS

Nobody rips a shirt like rain

Ofc us clouds want to see many angles of this and i think Rain new this and so we got many angles and from different distances I AM IN HEAVEN hehehe

ooooooooo hehe

I love how he can pull off every look in the book just amazing, and having so many looks all working together in one song and video its pure genious – Rain is one clever guy i mean WOW its just amazing. If you don’t believe me yet watch for yourself 😀

(I found this link on CloudUSA)

Thankfully someone has posted it on youtube as a full video.

If you go to CloudUSA they also have the links to the video on facebook – randomly its in parts, donno why its better quality but if you want to see it as one long thing watching it on youtube is better and you can increase the quality.

Hope you love it as much as i do 😀

Bi Rain Art by me

April 2, 2010

Ok yes I am late posting this, didn’t realise I would be as busy as I was. I gave you the sneak peek yesterday so that should have wet your appetite for now hehe. 

Well when I get bored I do stuff and recently it been messing with Bi Rain images cus I can haha. Thought I would share a few of them with you – I shall post the normal image size one’s first then the background sized ones and ofc again click on them to get the full EPIC sized version. 

Ok i will not explain them all cus that will take too long, but here is a sample of some off the stuff I have done. Also if you want me to do your favourite picture of rain or who ever I can just link me to the picture (the better the quality = better result). and tell me which style you like and colour preference and I shall see what I can knock up and I can post it up for you to collect 😀 

Ok well first off a random Gif I created, shall be doing more of these – if you want a certain one creating tell me and I shall see what I can do 😀 


Ok now onto the images. My fav colours are pink and purple so you shall see these colours used a LOT haha, also if u love one but would prefer it in a diff colour tell me and i shall change it and email it too you (this means providing your email when you comment). 

First off is my favourite one – looks absolutely AMAZING as a background just wuuuuv it sooo much. 

the full version - click for full size

Here is the background sized one – this one has blue eyes unlike the one above, if you prefer no blue eyes click on the image above and resize it and crop it to get the same image. 

My current background - click for full size

yummyness - click for full size

 And ofc not forgetting the background version 

Background version - click for full size

Ahhh my colour making another appearance 

Rainism - click for full size

 Rain in different colour’s using the image above (clearly not the rainism one haha the one above tht) 

Colours - click for full size

 A bit more abstract, smudgy almost lol, red and black yummyness 

Smudgy - click for full size - background size

 Smile time 😀 

Anyone order a smile? - Click for full size - bkgd size

 Had to get some more rainism tucked in here hehe 

More smexy rainism - click for full size - bkgd size

And in a diff colour

 now for another more arty one 

La deh dah hehe, Click for full size - bkgd size

 Back to the smexyness of the first style with added BODY hehe 

*thud* - click for full size - bkgd size

 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how i LOVE this one, looks AWESOME as a background – tis ofc from his new B2TB album – the images i mean haha – but ofc you should know this – those gorgeous eyelash’s give it away hehe.  

The PURE smexyness - click for full size - bkgd size

 Now i LOVE wings and i LOVE rain so rain with wings = pure pure heaven so ofc i have some of him from the Rain’s world album – using the same smexy affect as the first image, using my fav colour’s ofc hehe 

*thud* - click for full size - bkgd size

*thud* - click for full size - bkgd size

 Well this is all for now but i am sure this is plenty enough to keep you happy haha. 

Please comment if you are going to take any 

Love to hear any feedback, as i always do hehe

Don’t repost without asking  or claim for your own. 

WordPress has a feature that means i know if you have clicked the image mwhahaha not that i will hunt you down but please just use for personal use, i am sure being fellow clouds you shall. 

I shall post more up soon i’m sure and if you have any request’s also just comment below

Hope you have enjoyed looking as much as i enjoyed making them

Bi rain’s new website + New B2TB pictures

April 2, 2010

Yes Rain’s website has had a re-vamp and its AWESOME, i love it soooooooooooo much, have a look:

Here are some pretty printscreens of it, the background images changes – which is what i tired and managed to capture here.

Love it

Another one of the smexy images used and the writing shimmers in this rainbow pattern when you go over it or click which i LOVE hehe. god how i love this picture oooooooooooo so hot.

Soooo pretty

And ofc more pictures hehe

Wow the eyes

The hotness in these pictures is just sooooooooooooooooooooo WOW lol