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New Artwork + For Sale!

September 2, 2012

I am starting my new series of artwork YAY…well i have already started it.

I shall be using a mix of canvas, canvas board and canvas textured sheets.

ALL are for sale!

I know i don’t post well any of my artwork up on here but i thought it’s about time i do! so you can see what i do…apart from all my digital designs that is.

I will also take personal requests for paintings, if you like my style but want me to do something in particular.

Purplezest… Paint on canvas textured sheet 10x7in




Bi Rain Sneak peek

April 1, 2010

Well 2moro (tech 2day cin as its nearly 2am haha) i shall be posting some of my special backgrounds and altered photo’s of Rain which i love 😀 – i would do it now but it takes a while so though a sneak peak now and the full things 2moro shall be nice.

I shall give u 4 sneak peaks

The full one of this is my background at the mo

Hotness from B2TB



 I shall post the real things 2day around 7pm i think or later depending on how lazy i am