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1/100 MG MS-06F/J Zaku II Crystal Ver review

November 29, 2009

Well finally i am posting this up lol, got him and built him last wed – wooooooooo but been so busy with uni work over the past week and a bit i havn’t have time to take photos or write a review but i finally have time 2nite so here we go.

Well on the wed my new superman belt also arrived in the post woooooo and i picked up my zaku kit so here is a nice picture of them both 😀 i brought the kit from gundam nation costing me £30 which in my opinion is a very gooood price for a MG kit.

The picture on the box defo does not do the kit justice lol but its ok, the images on the sides are much better.

The box and my new belt 😀

Well in this kit i got the instructions booklet and another booklet showing me all the other crystal versions of the zaku and other kits (some look amazing) and are now defo on my list of ones to get if i can find places that are still selling them – will be a nice task lol.

instructions with extra book

 Of course the next stage after looking at the booklets is looking at the amount of sprues you get haha, and as you can see by this picture you get a lot – 10 in total then you get all the stickers and decals for him. huge amount of stuff – which is what i always love to see. and you get this much in the kit because its a master grade kit mwhahaha, the first one i have done and i will certainly be doing more. 

All the sprues, stickers and decals

 Well imagine me building him, i didn’t fully sit ther and build him i was doing over stuff at the same time and had dinner in the middle but i started building him at 6pm and finished him at 10pm which was a nice steady build so i was very happy hehe.

Here he is with all his extras – some of which are on him because i wanted them on him haha (the boxs on his legs and some extras are on his back too which you cant see lol. can’t say ther is a shortage of extras lol, never had this many with one of my kits 😀

him built with all his extras - some are on him

 And the back view of him, here u can see the other extras i was talking about (the black parts on his bum lol) – he just looks so amazing i love him lol.

same pic but him turned around

 I took a closer picture of him to show more of the detail and wot not, so here he is from the side looking EPIC 😀 – his head opens wooooooot lol, so much on him moves u can also move his eye so u can make him look around hehe. i keep finding  new movable pieces lol. he was gr8 fun to build and not as hard as i expected him to be but maybe thats because i have built model motorbikes lol. 

Epic shot - nice side view

 ahhhhhh the very sexy feet and legs hehe, he then chanaged his axe for one of his guns, i donno if i got in the way or he was aiming at me hmmmmmmm lol,

i think i'm in the way lol

 He swaped his gun again, he is very easy to pose, and dosn’t fall over which is nice ther is nothing worse then hearing one fall over and picking it up hoping that nothing has broken. i got him into a nice walking pose.

Walking and shooting wooot

 i then decided to let him play with the bazooka because its the one he wanted from the begining, so here is is searching around for something to shoot lol, also i have closed his head – ther are 3 diff heads pieces he can have – the one he has on, one with more of a flick at the top then the one with no spiky bit lol. i went for this one because i liked it the best.

hes looking around for someone to bazooka ;D

 the kit is very posable and nothing falls off while playing with him, nothing is lose, everything fits together nicely. i have had no problems with him, i love this kit and shall be getting more if i can find them lol.

he swaped guns ahhhhhh

 A close up view of his back seeing as we havn’t had one yet, eeeeeeeeeeee just so nice

see even his back is amazing

 And now for a little fun i got him posed in a full run – more of a crazy person run but just shows how well balanced he is lol. i defo recommend a crystal kit they are amazing and look even better on my shelf with all my other kits 😀

Mid run while taking aim - impressive, don't u think????

 Well i hope u enjoyed seeing the final outcome – which in my opinion rulessssssssssssssss lol, i give this kit a full 10/10 and i will defo be buying more – well when i have the money lol.





Ordered 1/100 MG MS-06F/J Zaku II Crystal Version

November 16, 2009

Well i finally caved and ordered one from Gundam Nation well i havn’t fully ordered it till he emails me back seeing as i live in leicester i can pick it up in person saving on P&P which is good for me because i hate paying for post and packing.

Well its £28.99 which for me is a fine price and because its a MG 1/100 and its transparent – wot more could i ask for at that price.

Here are two of the pic’s of the kit that Gundam Nation have one  there website. These belong to them and not me – i will of course have my own photos when i build it hehe.


so epic and green hehe

i really really can’t wait to get him, should look epic on my shelf with all my others 😀 and it shall be my first time building a master grade kit – at least i have saved myself any risk of having to paint anything lol.


can't wait to get it

I should hopefully be picking him up on wed when i go to the cinema to see 2012 again (Epic film, go see it) and if not then shall be getting him the soonest day i can hehe.


HG 1/100 God Gundam Kit Review

October 11, 2009

Well i have been very slow with posting these pictures up and reviewing him lol, well to be honest i took the pictures today. first week at uni is always hectic and the early mornings are never fun lol, so now its the end of the week i have got round to taking the photos and posting them up.

got this kit from Gundam Nation cost me £22 and i picked it up so no p&p charge woop hehe.

This kit is EPIC its just sooooooo amazing i love it, the colours are wikid and words can not describe how amazing it looks.

well first off is the pretty box, i love the picture on the front it looks more like a drawing/painting then the other box pictures you get. but who knows lol.


The box

 of course i opened the box to find all these pretty colourful sprues, red, yellow, blue, orange, green, white, grey and of course the stickers hehe.


The sprues and stickers

 And of course not forgetting the instruction booklet yes this one is actually a booklet instead of in a more leaflet layout. some nice pictures/drawings and the instructions were very easy to follow.



 Ok it took me a while to build but not as long as i thought it would lol. first off i will start with the bit that fits onto his back. And also is a kinda plane thing on its own which is  “>epically kool i think. it looks great and soooo cute – if u can call it tht lol. Took different angles, front back and then one with all the bits open – just to show how much it moves also the middle bit spins round to it can slot into the back on the gundam. It didn’t feel as though it would break as i was playing around with it. very impressed so far (this is the part that you build last on the instructions).


So epically cool

Well onto the dude himself, here he is without the back part i might add – as you can see from the picture on the right-hand side he has a hole in his back which is where the bit above slots in. the bits on the back of his legs open to reveal the detail in ther they can also be taken off. the guns and the front blue bit can be changed – even though i didn’t for these photos because i am lazy lol. but you get a choice of the blue bit that hides the green gem (not shown) or the half one so you can see it which is what he has got in the pics.


Already totally epic

A pic of him without the back part (left) and then the pic on the right is with them on but not folded out – just trying to show the amount of looks you can give him lol.


With or without? me say with

Now for a front and back view of him with them on, and open 😀 hehe – looks amazing



Ok now onto more pose pics lol, is a nice close up, showing the epicness of him – of course i am not a pro at building these things, i don’t paint them just build them, do the panel lines and add the stickers. the hands are also moveable which is great for posing. always love it when you can move the fingers hehe.


he looks mad

Now a full view of him with his  “>epically cool green transparent swords WOOOOOOP lol, i’m sure u have noticed the lighting keeps changing its because i had to use flash cin as i took these pics at like 11pm so no natural light lol, so all using flash.


Full view of him

he is bigger and i must say better then my other 1/100 kit but my other one is an older kit and this is not, think i will defo be getting more of these – he needs friends haha



Everything is highly posable woop lol, everything is fitted well and don’t drop out of fall off which is always a good sign lol. i did a pick showing how far his legs can move sideways hehe not that i shall ever be posing him with his legs miles apart lol.


how far he has move his legs sideways

Now a nice closeup with his swords, if you havn’t got this kit yet and are thinking about getting it don’t think BUY it seriously it rules.


smexy swords lol

A nice angle one, instead of just front or side, and of course love the legs haha, and love that he has some red on his feet hehe.



And just for my happyness coming him to my 1/144, was gonna compare him to my 1/100 as well but got lazy lol.


comparing my 1/144 to my 1/100 god gundam


Well they are all the pics hehe, had a lot more but were not as good as those ones i have to learn not to take so many haha. but it will never happen the more you take the more choice you have 😀

i give this kit 100000000000000000000000/10 i just love it soooooooo much its epic and i have found nothing wrong with it, its great and for the price go buy one. i will defo be getting the others hehe. just amazing.

i shall be posting up my other kit review 2moro me thinks, it all depends on when we get back from the cinema hehe 😀

Sneak Peak of God Gundam

October 3, 2009

Well i finished him but shall not be taking photos and reviewing him till 2moro so i thought i would give u a sneak peak of a random part of him.

I must say he looks amazing – i can just imagine how epic the 1/60 is if the 1/100 is this nice 😀


pretty colours

And just because i am in a happy mood due to how he came out i shall give you another 😀

CIMG0001 - Copy


Full pics and review should be up 2moro 😀