Well i have now got a nice long list of the Dong Bang Shin Ki stuff i NEED – i say need cus i would die without it LOL, I want food but NEED DBSK in my life!
Once the item has arrived is shall be moved to my DBSK items page – which is the page you shall need to go to for a direct link to the page on my blog with all the photo’s a review and wotnot XD
I am buying stuff in the order of what i want the most lol, and ofc the price of the item also effects if i can buy it – a lot of DBSK stuff is expensive O___O mainly the DVD’s and finding region code 2 or 0 is a nice fun task lol.
My collection of DBSK stuff is tiny at the mo *ashmed to say* but it shall be growing cus i get more grant money for this year for uni so i can afford more – the reason i don’t have that much DBSK (even though they are my FAV *spazzzes* K-pop group) is cus i follow many other groups too and i like to spread the love (money) equally but this year is defo gonna be more DBSK biased lol, this list has sat mainly untouched for too long!


Vol.1 – Tri-Angle (2CD Deluxe Version) (Overseas Version) = 2CD

Survivor = 1CD+1DVD
The Secret Code  = 2CD+DVD
Break Out = 1CD+1DVD
Doushite  = 1CD + 1DVD
Together = 1CD+1DVD
T = 2CD+2DVD
Purple Line = 1CD+1DVD
Hug International Version = 1CD+1DVD
Share The World = 1CD+1DVD
Five In The Black = 1CD+1DVD
Vol.3 – “O” Zheng. Fan. He (Version C) = 1CD+1DVD
Jejung & Yuchun – Colors ~Melody and Harmony~ = 1CD+1DVD
Lovin’ You = 1CD+1DVD
Step By Step = 1CD+1DVD
Sky = 1CD+1DVD
Shine / Ride On = 1CD+1DVD
Bolero / Kiss Baby The Sky = 1CD+1DVD
Somebody To Love = 1CD+1DVD
Summer Dream = 1CD+1DVD
My Destiny = 1CD+1DVD
Forever Love = 1CD+1DVD
Stay With Me Tonight = 1CD+1DVD
Begin = 1CD+1DVD
Stand By U = 1CD+1DVD
Beautiful You  = 1CD+1DVD
Choosey Lover = 1CD
Ashita Wa Kuru Kara = 1CD+1DVD
One Piece Memorial Best = 2CD+1DVD


The 2nd Asia Tour Concert “O” = 2DVD + 52p booklet + 09 standing Calender

The 1st Asia Tour Concert ‘Rising Sun’ = 2DVD

1st Live Tour : Heart Mind and Soul = 1DVD
2nd Live Tour : Five In the Black  = 2DVD
3rd Live Tour : T = 2DVD
4th Live Tour 2009 -The Secret Code- Final In Tokyo Dome (Japan Version) = 2DVD
All About Dong Bang Shin Ki Season 1 (Korea Version) = 3DVD
All About Dong Bang Shin Ki Season 2 (Korea Version) = 5DVD
History In Japan Volume 1 = 1DVD
History In Japan Volume 2 = 1DVD
History In Japan Volume 3 = 1DVD
History In Japan Volume 4 = 1DVD
A Week Holiday = 1DVD


Tomorrow -000777 days- = 1DVD
The 2nd Photobook Summer Paradise In Bora Bora = 1CD
The First Photobook Travel Sketches In Los Angeles = 2CD
2007 Bonjour Paris Photobook Special Limited Edition = 1DVD (the price is insane but its on the list anyway (lol)
2nd Artist Book – Shine (Korea Version) = 1DVD
The Prince In PRAGUE ~The Melody Of Youth~ = 1CD-ROM
The 2nd Asia Tour Concert “O” Documentary Book Special Package = 1VCD
2nd Story Book ‘The Way You Are’= 1CD+1VCD
3rd Story Book In Los Angeles = 1CD+1VCD

4 Responses to “MY DBSK WANT LIST!”

  1. Page not found « Purplezest's Blog Says:

    […] MY DBSK WANT LIST! […]

  2. Mastermind of Mirotic « Purplezest's Blog Says:

    […] this may take a while! oh and i now have a page for my DBSK items and the items i want right HERE which i shall update and link bk to my review/post about the item once it has arrived. I shall go […]

  3. ginmin Says:

    XD if u want have all, u better prepare money XD. i have some of their goods, Soooo expensive.

    btw. the aadbsk3 please be mine photobook is soo good, really is. as a owner of 5 photobooks, i like please be mine the most XD.

    sr, spamming haha, XD i was searching for something, and i see your list. it made me smile. yes, i wanna have all those stuffs as well

  4. Quynh Says:

    You want practically everything I want too (:
    But there are so many versions that it makes it so hard to decide!!

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