My DBSK Items

This page is just to show you the DBSK items i own and direct links to the pages on my blog about the item which has more detail about the item, photo’s and my review


Mirotic Ver A – 1CD + 60page Photobook
Link to my review/Photo’s – [haven’t posted it yet O____O donno why – maybe it was when i was being lazy lol]
JYJ [The…} – Jacket A ver – 1CD+DVD
Link to my review/Photo’s – Great album so glad i got it! JYJ Hwaiting!!!
JYJ The Beginning Normal Edition 1CD + Photobook (Arrived – Writing review)
– Link to my review/Photo’s – oh sweet JAESUS its *spazzzzzes*
JYJ The Beginning Limited Edition 1CD + Photobook/cards + 1 Poster + T-shirt (Shipped on the 28th Oct)
– Link to my review/Photo’s
JYJ The Beginning Taiwan Limited Edition 1CD [Special packaging] (pre-ordered – released 02/11/2010
– Link to my review/Photo’s
Best Selection 2010 [Jacket A] – 2CD + DVD + 2 Posters
Link to my review/Photo’s – some of my fav songs comvined on an album and DVD XD
Vol 3 – “O” [Version B] – 1CD + DVD (Arrived – Writing review)
– Link to my review/Photo’s
Vol 3 – “O” [Version D] – 1CD + DVD + Poster
Link to my review/Photo’s – Very special album in my heart and i LOVE this repacked version and the poster is my fav DBSK poster – i just loved DBSK in fluffy outfits haha
Vol 2 – Rising Sun Repackage Story Book : Five Secret Story – 1CD + VCD + 160page photobook + 6 Sticker sheets
Link to my review/photo’s – this album is amazing! i have wanted it ever since i saw it, ad now i finally own it *Spazzzzes*


JYJ Live in thanksgiving dome – 2DVD

Link to my review/photo’s – This live concert DVD is amazing!!! its a MUST MUST get for any DBSK fan XD

The 3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC In Seoul = 3DVD + Poster + 5Bookmarks + 68p booklet (Delivered – writing review!)

– Link to my review/photo’s – wow i love this concert SO SOOOO much seriously if you don’t any of the other concerts don’t matter but oh you must get this one!

All About Dong Bang Shin Ki Season 3 = 6DVD + 60p photobook + all 6 posters (Delivered – writing review!)

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