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Trina Turk competition

August 24, 2012

Yep i am back and again entering another competition YAY this time its to design a pattern for the Fashion Designer Trina Turk (beautifully expensive clothing)

Short version of the Brief: “Give us casual sophistication, a sunny outlook, anything California chic!”

This is my design entry….

Don’t know if i fully met that brief….BUT i like it, its purple and pink the colours i am known for! so giving it a shot….and well i would buy it haha.






Up the creek without a paddle…but invented the propeller on the way

August 7, 2012

Hey everyone hope you are all good, I am actually insanely happy… to say what occurred today was not so happy XD

I have just had one of the most horrific days at work…for a company who doesn’t give a crap about its employee’s yet expects the mother fucking world from them for a few squid an hour…! hiring you part-time contracted to 7 1/2hrs a week (this is so when you take holiday they only have to pay you this much! a wk)  yet expects you to have every second of everyday free just JUST in case they want you…to which they will ask you the day before or on the morning of said day.

This company decides to motivate its team (due to a less than average day in which we didn’t hit productivity) to shout and scream and tell you to “just  leave if you don’t want to be here! because we can replace you in a second!” …pointing out your hard work and experience mean JACK SHIT to them! then furthering it with “we are hiring new people” so you shall be getting your already cut hours CUT AGAIN!!!


July 5, 2012

And because i like to kill my followers just as much as i do my followers on chocoabs XD

Well i don’t think this really matter’s how or in what order i post it because either way at the end of this post your going to be a drooling horny mess…….all because of this one man….and his godly abs!

Yes bb YES!

this shall be a mix of video, Image and Gif to give your that result of multiple babies

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July 5, 2012

Really do need this on my own blog too XD

I feel its better just to post it and like you oggle and drool on your own terms haha XD enjoy

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Public failure……check!

February 26, 2012

Yep again i have out done myself what did my design last 27 hrs before they closed the voting due to in simple terms it being so shit it was pointless continuing the vote *sigh*

Yeh you may think oh i am over exaggerating but nope i really am not…i actually kinda wish i am cus then it wudda meant that all the people iv done fucking favours for and helped out ENDLESS times would do the same back! but yeh apparently not!

here are my stats!