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Jello Fello’s

February 24, 2012

Hey everyone *waves frantically* hope everyone is well 😀

i am posting to ask a favour from you all, as most of you know i design! right? well you should! …either way now you do! keke ….annnnnyway i have entered a design into a tshirt comp, and well i need your help because the more votes and comments it gets the better the chance it has of being printed/chosen as the winner! and with my run of no luck lately i am giving it my all to try and get as many votes as i can…though can you blame me?

Winning a comp like this would also look good to future empolyee’s! which would defo help my mainly lacking cv.

The brief for the design was the word WEIRD…………and i don’t actually design anything weird so this is my first time giving it a go…so yeh please help me *begs*

This is my design!




Shop till u drop! *Preferably on Rain*

September 3, 2011

Well what is this about well my this my friends is about my T-Shirt design shop 😀 yes i finally did it! after all your moaning of u want it on a tee well now u can! and i bloody hope u do *cough needs the money cough*


Well of course this post is to promote the shop it will sell my normal designs along with Kpop designs 😀

i shall be adding a shortcut button (ie the one above) to my sidebar for instant access to my shop 😀

And i am also fine with you asking me to design a tee that you have always wanted but no one has ever done or one that you have seen…if that even makes sense lol, whether is kpop or random it doesn’t matter 😀

So far i have 28 designs in the shop. Here they are

and i keep adding more as i finish them so keep checking back and i shall do update posts of new designs and the most popular and if i have put and on sale or limited period XD

I shall be fully expanding to hoodies and badges, cups, caps etc.. as i go along so for now only a few designs that have these options but if you want a certain design on in a hoody or on something else just post a comment below and i shall add it 😀 its as simple as that!

Please take a look and buy….yes i am here to sell *continues to poke you till you buy one* kekeke 😀


London Expo + Loot

October 31, 2009

well as i said in my last post this was my first expo, so i thought i would do a nice post about the expo and london, seeing as we went around london after we had finished at the expo. 

So this post is going to be filled with nice pics from the expo and around london on our many train and underground journeys lol, and of course to finish off the post i will be posting a picture of the loot from the day 😀

Well we booked the train for 7.20am leaving from leicester – so we both decided a nice early night would be a good idea seeing as we would have to wake up around 5.45 to leave to walk to the train station around 6.30 and just to really annoying us this was also the sunday that the clocks went back an hour at 2am so put the clocks back before i went to bed and laying ther and cin the clock say 9.30 was not at all making me tired and in the end didn’t get to sleep till around 1.30am so only got around 4hours sleep which was painful to say i normally sleep for around 10hours lol and was feeling slighty ill but of course i was not going to let this stop me the excitement would see me through the day.

The train took 2 hours and 49 mins to get to london which isn’t that bad had total film and my ipod to keep me entertained as well as all the talking we did, we also managed to get seats with a table so it made the journey even better hehe 😀

Well we arrived in london and brought our tube tickets got on the corrects lines and finally reached the expo just after 11am, where we joined a nice cue to get our tickets hehe

and of course at the enterance was R2D2 and a dalak so had to get a piccy of them


R2D2 - the dirty version

ther was also a clean R2D2 but i didn’t think i was as amazing as the dirty version, the clean one just looked to new and not really as epic as this one hehe, and of course the dalak ther were two roaming around a blue and a red one, also storm troopers were wondering around but didn’t manage to get a pic of them 😦 lol



Didn’t actually remember to get any picks of the inside of expo apart from the ghost busters car because it was truely EPIC and who don’t lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve ghost busters lol.


Ghost busters

I can’t actually member how long we spent in ther but it was quite a long time i think it was around 1.30 or 2pm when we left to go wonder around london hehe. I did only buy a gundam kit from the expo of course my friend brought a whole lot more lol. i have already built this kit and will be doing a seperate post on it.

we took the tube back to covent garden and all the other places on our list of shops to visit, of course we did stop at a mcdo’s for food before looking around more shops – needed a stop to refuel and sit for a while hehe.

Here are some random pics that i took while waiting for the train and walking around london.


Train on the way bk into london from the expo

I do love buildings, some look so pretty so i took some random pictures when we were traveling around to show just how amazing some of the buildings are, and these are the ones not in the centre of london because everyone knows how amazing them ones are.


View of london while waiting for a train

such a nice tall pretty silver building, nice shape too, saw this while waiting for the train on the way back into the centre of london – coming from the expo


A nice big grey building

 This was also another nice building by the rails, still looks epic in grey lol


On the platform waiting for the train

The platform we waited and epic 7mins on lol



 Had to take some pics while in london, some of the classic shots all tourists need, i have most of them didn’t have this one yet so i took a piccy to add to to my collection hehe



Well for my first expo i thought i was amazing i certainly want to go again, the amount of people in cosplay was just amazing, and such good cosplay not half hearted but full on very good cosplay hehe. i really did enjoy it – they did have a few items i did want but not for £45 when its cheaper if you get if off the internet even with p&p lol, so i only ended up with one gundam kit from the expo but brought some lovely sweets from cybercandy and got some pj’s from david and goliath woooop. here is my looooooot


My Looooooooot

As you can see the gundam kit – mainly brought due to the fact its purple hehe – its now built and ready to have piccy’s taken of it so that shall be posted at a later date. also all the sweets that i got from cyber candy hehe and my pj’s the fo fanas bananas top and then the purple bottoms, they are sooooooooooo nice.

All in all i had a great time in london and loved the expo can’t wait till ther is another ones such fun and shall try and remember to take more photos next time lol.



New Moon Volturi Pic’s

September 13, 2009

Well i thought i should post up the new volturi pictures, well they are not that new they have been floating around the internet for a few weeks now but i have been lazy and couldn’t be bothered before now to do a blog containing them, but its sunday now so i have all the free time in the world lol.

So here they are, full length pictures of all the Volturi


Dakota Fanning as Jane

 I do like Dakota as jane, not too sure about the hair style but me thinks it shall be fine

Cameron Bright as Alec

Cameron Bright as Alec

 i’m fine with cameron as alec, and i love the jacket they have him wearing, can’t beat a vampire with fashion sense lol.

Jamie Campbell Power as Caius

Jamie Campbell Power as Caius

Not pratically bothered about caius, even though most people seem very happy with jamie playing him.

Michael Sheen as Aro

Michael Sheen as Aro

Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus

Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus

 the older vamps are well cast as well i think, but wouldn’t of killed them to get some hot older guy lol


 Nice piccy of them on ther nice big chairs, defo liking the look of the place


 any pic with edward in is a good pic 😀


Poor alice, and very random red gloves, suppose everyone needs a pair lol.

Not much longer till new moon now its creeping ever closer and the more pics and previews i keep seeing the more i want it to be out at the cinema now but i am sure time will fly past, well i hope it will.

Well will be posting up new pics or vids when i find them, but for now this is all i can be bothered to post lol

New Custom Header

August 23, 2009

i finally made one that i like, i have been through so many different pictures and patterns trying to find on that will look nice as a header. thank god for photoshop is all i am going to say you can make such wonderous things lol.

I finally decided on a layout earlier so i just need to tweak it till it was perfect (well perfect in my opinion lol).

it took me about 2weeks to decide on this pic of Figma Drossel, i tried many different ones but i just loved this one so here she is. this is the picture i started from.


i got ride of the background in photoshop so that i could use a different background that ones is nice but i know i can make better.

This is how the design started out, and evolved as i tweaked and fiddled with it.


Started out quite basic i knew for a fact i wanted to keep the photo on the left. then i decided i wanted words on it as well


i finally managed to pick the font i wanted to use, wanted one that is easily readble but suited my sytle, and this font nails it


i then decided i wanted some kinda texture/pattern instead of it just being a gradiant colour


i loved this texture pattern so stock with it changed a few of the setting, i then decided i wanted a shadow behind the lettering so set about trying to make an intertesting one


i then decided i also wanted a shadow behind the pic, but i thought it looked odd but i still wanted the shadow just needed a diff way to show it


so then i used multilayer and fiddled with the transparancy and got what i was looking for


I then decided i wanted this shadow on the lettering too which gave me my final design which i love

ahhhhh i just love it sooo much and i now finally have a proper header at the top of my blog not just a random one.

hope you enjoyed reading 😀