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Shop till u drop! *Preferably on Rain*

September 3, 2011

Well what is this about well my this my friends is about my T-Shirt design shop šŸ˜€ yes iĀ finally did it! after all your moaning of u want it on a tee well now u can! and i bloody hope u do *cough needs the money cough*


Well of course this post is to promoteĀ the shop it will sell my normal designs along with Kpop designs šŸ˜€

i shall be adding aĀ shortcutĀ button (ie the one above) to my sidebar for instant access to my shop šŸ˜€

And iĀ am also fine with you asking me to design a tee that you have always wanted but no one has ever done or one that you have seen…if that even makes sense lol, whetherĀ is kpopĀ or random it doesn’t matter šŸ˜€

So far i have 28 designs in the shop. Here they are

and iĀ keep adding more as iĀ finish them so keep checking back and iĀ shall do update posts of new designs and the most popular and if i have put and on sale or limited period XD

I shall be fully expanding to hoodies and badges, cups, caps etc.. as iĀ go along so for now only a few designs thatĀ have these options but if you want a certain design on in a hoodyĀ or on something else just post a comment below and i shall add it šŸ˜€ its as simple as that!

Please take a look and buy….yes i am here to sell *continues to poke you till you buy one* kekeke šŸ˜€


Protected: [YunJae Fanfic] Vampire Kiss

February 13, 2011

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[Spazz] MV Orgy!!!

January 4, 2011

I don’t think as a fan girl in KpopĀ that you can getĀ aĀ better ‘high’ then 3!!! YES 3!!! Mv’s coming out in one night!!! Even more so when you’re a huge fan of each group/pairing!!!

This is generally a spazz post over these AMAZING MV’s and my thoughts on them – yes iĀ do on occasionĀ think! though i like to keep it to a minimum


Jae and Rain fan artwork!

November 22, 2010

Due to Uni work i haven’t been able to update my blog much GRRRRR, i have a presentation this wed *shudder* so i have been working my butt off trying to get all the work done that i need to show (on a Computer animation course 3rd yr). I won’t bore you with the boring details because you wouldn’t understand most of the words i would use lol and i can’t be bothered *grin*

Anyway the point of this postĀ is what i do to de-stress i suppose, itsĀ something that i enjoy doing so don’t see it as work – i wish i could just sit and create stuff in Photoshop each and every day! this job does in fact exist but i need to improve my PS skills by a lot – I am all self-taught seeing as when i was in school not even the graphic teachers knew how to use Photoshop (idiots) to point out i am only 21 so when i was in school yeh they should have taught us that but oh well i prefer learning myself anyway… oh no I’m rambling again!


Jaepr0n 2.0 = Jae video sex!!

November 11, 2010

Well iĀ HAD to have this on my blog, i seriously do mean HAD TO HAVE!!!! just watch and you shall see!

This video is from @LinzerDinzerTV all credit is hers and she deserves some SERIOUS credit for this amazing video

Also here is her website which i love also XD