This page shall be fully dedicated to Rain, how i first discovered him and why i love him so much etc…


2 Responses to “[Bi] RAIN”

  1. marisara Says:

    Hi PZ!!!

    Just visiting your blog. LOL It’s cool and interesting. Well, I guess you know how I knew about Rain but le”s recap. I got hooked with Ninja Assasin cause Raizo left an impression on me. After that, I started to look in YouTube his videos and learned that he was a singer, dancer and actor for some time already. When I saw those videos, i fell in love with the guy. I think the first video I saw was Sad Tango but I am not sure. Rain’s voice was soo beautiful, sexy and enticing that I just found myself trying to learn more about him. Later, I found out Cloud USA and the comments where soo crazy, funny and fill with sarcasm that I stayed for good. Rain and Cloud USA have been a bleesing for my life. Now I have new friends, my life is filled with joy cause of them, they feel like family and I have learned a lot from them. Rain is such a nice guy with that smile that touch your heart; even more so when you learned about his hard life. He has taugh me about how to live life to the fullest, he has taugh me about love and best of all, he has taugh me that no matter what, you must fullfill your dreams. Today I started to do a workout after years of been a couch potatoe and I was sooo tired but then, I remember him, how he always says be healthy and I kept going to the end of the darn video. You see, he is the best and I want to be like him. That’s funny cause I am way older than him but tha’s how Rain has change my life.

  2. Adriana Silva Says:

    OMG Marisara ! That´s exactly how I dicovered Bi, that´s exactly how I fell for the guy, exactly how he changed my life. Having Bi in my life has brough a smile back to my face, my brain feel funny, he rocks my world. I bet there´s a lot of adorable men out there, but I found Rain and he´s been the difference between After and Before. God bless the day I decided to watch Ninja Assassin. I don´t kow what else to say cause you said it all !!

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