Me…just cus u really wanna know what i look like…think i was listening to rainism

I’m 22. I live in the UK, I Graduated from uni in 2011 (2.1 in Animation design). My real name is Katie, donno if i have posted it before i don’t think i have. i am around 5″7 which i love because i’m not really classed as tall or short nicely slotted in the middle lol. i must say i am definitely not the most mature person, but i am very good at playing the part when needed. I dress how i want. i love bracelets and i mean material ones, the more full my arm is the better!  I do normally have either pink or purple in my hair, and for the case of everyone mistaking my hair colour


Though at the moment my hair is dark purple with pink, so yeh no confusion going on now haha.

I have a pet dog called Milo and i wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv him,

I also own and ride a motorbike 😀 LIKE A BOSS, i shall hopefully be passing my test this year so i can have my full license and upgrade to a 250-300cc bike 😀 My bike at the mo is the Honda CBF125 XD sexy ne? i will post a photo of mine when i can actually be bothered.

I am HUGELY into K-Pop and i mean it! its my world!

I’m a Cassie – with an insanely HUGE jaejoong bias yet i love them all equally (if that makes any sense), Also a Cloud sooooo yes that means RAIN WOOOOOOOOOOOO *breaths* i’m also hugely into B2st/beast, Mblaq, Shinee, Super Junior, 2pm, Big bang getting into U-Kiss and F.Cuz also listen to many other kpop groups but honest to gawd i am too lazy to name them all.

I also love JPop ohhhh yes i do XD also roll over to J-Rock on occassion

I also yes i did use also again! watch JDrama, Kdrama, J+K Films why may you ask because i just LOVE reading subtitles! well i do but the other main reason is I LOVE ASIANS should be obvious by now! also the films they produce rule!

I love ALL things Japanese and Korean i am slowly learning the languages i seem to pick up Japanese much faster then Korean lol

I love generally everything but mainly movies/Tv, Actors, Gadgets, photography, holidays, Designing. I love trying new things so iv already got a few things ticked off in by box’s of what i should do. this included, Running off a mountain ie. Paragliding haha, which i did in turkey, quad biking which i loveeeeeeeeee always do it at every opp, so far iv quad biked in all the countries i have visited XD been on a submarine… seriously if i continue this list won’t stop!

I have been very very very lucky in my life to say i am only 21 to have been able to go on sooo many amazing holidays to some amazing countries all thanks to my dad ofc. So far iv been to, America (Disney land), Barbados, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Corfu, Turkey, Rhodes, many many times to France, all over the uk ofc haha, can’t beat a good caravan trip. The places i wanna go now are America (again haha), Canada, Japan, Korea and Australia – so clearly not aiming to be mega rich lol.

Hmmm how about some random  facts

1. I can play the piano

2. My life revolves around Jaejoong and well K-Pop XD

3. Iv been in many sport teams, Swimming, Tennis, Hockey to name a few

4. I love sunny days, nothing makes me happier then walking around in the sun – the warmth is a bonus

5. i loveeeeeeeeee gadgets, and can fix about anything don’t ask me how i just do O____O

6. I probably own too many posters – i have 21 one my walls at the mo (at uni accommo) and i have over 100 photo’s up too XD all these are relating to Kpop

7. I LOVE japanese and Korean dramas/Film/music well EVERYTHING

8. I can dance but i can’t sing

9. I have a tattoo on my right ankle – middle sized not huge but not small haha – its of a lizard laying on 3 Hawaiian flowers (flowers represents my mum, dad and sister – suppose the lizard could be me haha) this is due to the fact i love these flowers and lizards and tattoos, took me forever to design it though – shall prob post a pic when i memeber – i also used the flowers from my tattoo in my Purplezest logo 😀

10. i don’t really drink – meaning booze haha, i have the odd one but just don’t appeal to me – if i do drink i drink baileys YUM

11. i probably spend to long smiling and spazzing (thanks kpop)

12. I am flexible XD legs behind my head etc… but never been able to touch my toes! now how does that work LOL

13. I have met some of the nicest ppl through K-Pop and hope to meet more

Well i think thats all for now – i shall update this again soon! as i get bored with this


13 Responses to “ABOUT ME”

  1. carol Says:

    dear katie
    can you tell me the name of the shop in meadow lane that you got your tokidoki bag from. do you know if they still have them as i would really like to surprise my daughter with the one you have as she too loves vampires and anything to do with them. i hope you can help me

  2. purplezest Says:

    I would assume that they still have some instock, when i went they had quite a lot, mine is more of a pirate design.
    as for the shop, it was one of the smaller shops in meadowlane – looked a bit like a goth/emo shop, sold clothes, bags, belt buckles and so on, I think the name of it was Cleopatra but i’m not a 100% sure.
    If you can’t find them there, ebay is a good bet to find one, but these are replica bags not the actual things, so if you search tokidoki/lesportsac bag you will get mostly authentic ones which you can tell mainly by the price lol.
    hope i helped, if u need any more info i’m here 😀

  3. Diromo Says:


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    Currently your site is ranked at 57th place.
    If you would like to improve the position of your page you can place a voting button on your site.
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  4. marisara Says:

    Hi Katie!!! Just looking around in your blog. You are beeautiful girl!!! Nice to know a little more about you. Hope everything is fine with you and your family. You are welcome to come to Puerto Rico anytime. LOL We have sun by the truckloads. LOL Good luck in your studies and work. Bye *hugs*

  5. CosmoQueen Says:

    You are without a doubt the number one coolest person I’ve EVER met in my entire life!!! *HUGGGS* I’m so happy that I know you! I can’t find the words to express how much I value the joy that your friendship has brought into my life. I seriously don’t know what I’d do without you ^__^

  6. CosmoQueen Says:

    And OMG you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!! *iz jealous* ^__^

  7. Melanie Says:

    Please email me asap ass I would like to invite you to judge a small competition at my facebook group BRING ASIAN CELEBRITIES (BANDS) TO PERTH AUSTRALIA.

    It’s a BIG BANG comp. i need 3 winners

  8. Melanie Says:

    OK I am still waiting for the email to come through. Its 7 am and I need to do the school run but I will check again at 9 am. We are 7 hours away from you so your still in bed right now or your up late partying with Rain or TVXQ!!!!!

    • purplezest Says:

      hmmmm it should have reached u by now, well i shall send one with my goggle email too, but check ur junk just incase its gone in there XD maybe its cus i sent it using my phone Hmmmmmm who knows lol. I am sending it to the email address that you have written for the comment 😀

  9. Ekta Jaiswal Says:

    nic pic

  10. Adriana Silva Says:

    I loved Rain pix, I have most of them too, stupidity is what I become when it comes to Bi, is not that I can help it, but is not that I wanto to either. I loved your comments on avery pic haha!. So, Asians huh?! out of 10 things I love about men, asians have 9! I mean, really! I, fo sho will be visiting you from now and on… Peace out, girl!! oh, and thanx for the overdose or serotonin w/Bi pix 🙂

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