New Artwork + For Sale!

I am starting my new series of artwork YAY…well i have already started it.

I shall be using a mix of canvas, canvas board and canvas textured sheets.

ALL are for sale!

I know i don’t post well any of my artwork up on here but i thought it’s about time i do! so you can see what i do…apart from all my digital designs that is.

I will also take personal requests for paintings, if you like my style but want me to do something in particular.

Purplezest… Paint on canvas textured sheet 10x7in


Panda love…Paint on canvas textured sheet 10x7in

Lego Panda….Paint on canvas textured sheet 10x7in

Throwing rainbows…Paint on canvas textured sheet 10x7in

Flower’s…Paint on Canvas board…12x9in (generally A4 sized)

Devil skull…Paint on canvas textured sheet 10x7in (NOT FOR SALE)

Devil skull…Paint on stretched canvas 18x14in


Motorbike chick….Work in progress at the mo…already had quite a bit of interest in this one 😀 (12×16 on canvas)


Nearly finished her wings and done more painting on the bike too XD

Also i can frame them for you….but this option will cost you more + more for P&P XD

ALL paintings are SIGNED (front) and dated (on the back)

I can do the designs you see here any size on any material you choose…with in reason of course XD

I don’t have any set prices for each painting so feel free to make me an offer 😀 you can either leave a comment below or email me on

I also do special occasion hidden messages in designs….here is one i did for someone for mother’s day (A4 size) XD

It says “Happy mothers day” if you can find it 😀

Also i will do any of my digital designs as painted artwork!portfolio/vstc1=hand-draw most are in my portfolio but not all so feel free to email me with requests and price range XD


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2 Responses to “New Artwork + For Sale!”

  1. Cloud USA Says:

    Everything’s so bright and beautiful… I just love your stuff, baby girl. You know my favorite — the Purplezest character! And the flowers on canvas are almost like 3D, so cool.

    I’ve no idea how long your labor was over those two, so I’m not comfortable just throwing a price at you. Why don’t you email me with a price range, and I’ll check my “books” (i.e. see what I can afford LOL), and we’ll go from there? 🙂


    Stephe unnie ^@@^

    P.S. That skull is AMAZING.

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