Trina Turk competition

Yep i am back and again entering another competition YAY this time its to design a pattern for the Fashion Designer Trina Turk (beautifully expensive clothing)

Short version of the Brief: “Give us casual sophistication, a sunny outlook, anything California chic!”

This is my design entry….

Don’t know if i fully met that brief….BUT i like it, its purple and pink the colours i am known for! so giving it a shot….and well i would buy it haha.




(so I can pretend I am popular 🙂 

this help would be much appreciated…

unfortunately you will have to create an account, which you just fill in email, and username and a password then verify it via your email and that’s it! no other info is asked for…well unless you make a purchase lol

Doing this will help me immensely! and means the next time i ask you to help me….because common there will be! i enter quite a few design comps on this site XD you are already a member so just sign in EASY AS PIE XD

If i don’t get enough votes within the 7days or the score drops below a certain point then the design is dropped and not in the running to be considered as the winner!

So you now see how important the voting is! so if you can get you, your family, your pets…that bear eating your trash to vote just so i at least have a chance would be MEGA!

Love you all XD *huggles*


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