Up the creek without a paddle…but invented the propeller on the way

Hey everyone hope you are all good, I am actually insanely happy… to say what occurred today was not so happy XD

I have just had one of the most horrific days at work…for a company who doesn’t give a crap about its employee’s yet expects the mother fucking world from them for a few squid an hour…! hiring you part-time contracted to 7 1/2hrs a week (this is so when you take holiday they only have to pay you this much! a wk)  yet expects you to have every second of everyday free just JUST in case they want you…to which they will ask you the day before or on the morning of said day.

This company decides to motivate its team (due to a less than average day in which we didn’t hit productivity) to shout and scream and tell you to “just  leave if you don’t want to be here! because we can replace you in a second!” …pointing out your hard work and experience mean JACK SHIT to them! then furthering it with “we are hiring new people” so you shall be getting your already cut hours CUT AGAIN!!!

I bow to you! because at that very moment of this bitch screaming at all of us….(only 1 of which it should have been directed at because we have been carrying him for months! and the other girl wasn’t there…but she is included too!) i realised my insane want to just shout I QUIT….and walk out….the conclusion was her being a cow just seriously put me on a mission to get the fuck out of there and get in my chosen field….DESIGN! whether it be free-lance or under a company i don’t care as long as i get to design.

So thankyou to the evil company for motivating me to get the fuck out of your insanely ill managed company! i can’t wait till the day i can give you the middle finger and tell you to go fuck yourself….because as you put it that was exactly what we were doing to you on Friday

/ends rant

Ohhh now i feel better 😀 but yet conclusion of the evil work….which i still have to do for money *sobs* is its given me a new motivation to get where i want to be, so a really happy conclusion to a shocking day.

For those of you who do notice things……*blinks* you will notice a slight change in my blog header XD snuck in some of my characters and my updated logo keke.

also i have FINALLY updated my logo…this was a seriously long time coming! Nothing drastic just tiedied it up and made it look more professional…well i hope i did keke….top one is the old one bottom is the new one…click on the image to go to my site

I never really post any of my design work in its full format/without watermark due to people stealing and claiming as their own…trust me people do it *glares* so you can see like 10% of my designs in my shop which you can buy on tee’s.

But to be generous i do post some of my work on my Facebook cover photo so i shall post them here too XD but first this GIF of a robot design i did, it’s a Work in progress GIF….though this a simplified version due to i am too lazy to takes 100’s of shots of the design throughout me doing it XD

Purplezest copyrighted design

A combo of some of my designs (used as my previous Facebook cover photo), i love colour XD

This one is my current cover photo on Facebook

This design (above) took a while lol, she was okay but getting the shape and everything right on the bike was rather annoying but i got there…her wings are also made out of motorbike engine parts XD

Well i hope you are all doing fine i am going to be spending all my time 2moro creating sample files of my best work to email for a freelance job 2moro, so wish me luck on that one XD


2 Responses to “Up the creek without a paddle…but invented the propeller on the way”

  1. Cloud USA Says:

    You know, a company shouldn’t even be in BUSINESS if that’s the way they conduct it. Yelling and screaming in people’s faces and demeaning them. I don’t care if an employee is lame and doesn’t work, you just let them go, you don’t behave like this. That’s some BS right there. Bastids.

    Glad to hear you’re going to be getting out of that hell hole.

    Yeah, I noticed your updated blog header with our little friends on it, haha. I like it! And your streamlined logo too. N-i-c-e job. 🙂

    Work it, Miss Designer Zest! Don’t ever stop chasing your goal because I’m pulling for youuuuuuuuu!

    Stephe unni ^@@^ 😉

  2. Cloud USA Says:

    Yeah. What SHE said…


    Terri :-}

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