WOW do you class that as a mardy?

*guilty face* well yeh…………….i see why you should never open WordPress when upset and after drinking. Oh my look at me go! i was upset but clearly i was even more upset with alcohol in my system….i do find this amusing and i can’t believe i blogged it! of all the things *kicks self*

Yeeeeeh i normally keep my depressiveness to myself but seems the booze betrayed me *shakes fist* in a beautiful display of posting my public loss… publicly can you get anymore stupid! anyway yeh i won’t be removing it cus well it’s another lesson for myself of don’t throw a mardy on the internet via my blog to the people who help me.

i do believe i stated i would give up……i shall instead call it a hiatus of sorts lol. though i will continue to try and get my online tee selling to actually work….all though yes it has been open 7months with no orders O___O dis-heartening yes but i shall not give up seeing as my income from my 2 jobs is actually less than what i get if i went on the dole and the state paid me a wage……though i protest to do that because of values i cannot rid myself off *FEW* so yeh longish story short i need the money.

People have stated to me the t-shirts are too expensive………..okay let me break it down for you in terms of actually its cheap! well for the UK its cheap….i am sure yes you can buy a T-shirt for $20 but won’t everyone have that t-shirt?

Kay so in for me its £20 converted that’s about $32ish right? To buy a Tee over here for £20 and it be a decent tee is like hitting the jackpot….unfortunetely i am no USA resident (seriously crying over the fact i am not….u so lucky) so i can’t say oh yeh £32 for a decent quality tee is cheap so i won’t say it is.

Either way i do not print nor handle the printing or shipping of the tee… works like this! i design the…design XD i upload it to the site. Add the commission to the design (which is the amount i wanna be paid if the tee is sold with my design on) which is my case is £2.50 so bout $4 per tee. the rest of the cost you pay is the amount the basic plan tee actually costs!  and ofc shipping but i did check and that’s not much. I did order a tee with my design on to check the quality and i have not to this day found a better one…i have tried out zazzle and streetshirts etc…but there printing quality was shockingly rubbish in my opinion and i can’t believe they had the cheek to send the product to me!

Yeh i am no big designer and i think they will make more than $4 per a tee sold anyway lol. and it’s not like anyone around you will have it on….so u could pass it off as a rare secret tee ninja group where by the only way you can buy is to be invited personally buy the designer….via cracking their secret cryptic email…which confused you at first because it was just an email containing ab’d up Asian men….*considers the idea*. So yeh i have made it as cheap as i can to make it fair for the person buying and for me to actually made summit cin as i don’t envision me selling too many.

Well there you go for the people who wondered bout the cost etc……so my shop will not close it will more sit there waiting for some love to be given its way haha.

peace out XD


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4 Responses to “WOW do you class that as a mardy?”

  1. chickseli Says:

    Ima order a Rain ta-shirt as soon I get toy computer. Im having a seriously hard time finding K Pop merch that is of use to me. That might niche market for you. Even the stuff on CafePress is VERY limited.

    • purplezest Says:

      ahhh thankyou bb 😀 if you tell me what you would like to see more of for the kpop tee’s i can design some, i have thought about this for a while, its just tricky b/c using a photo or image directly of that artist/group is not what i like to do…and b/c of copyright etc… but if you have any ideas i would love to hear them XD

      thanks for the comment chickseli XD

  2. Cloud USA Says:

    Now that’s what I want to hear. Yeah!

    (the price doesn’t seem that expensive to me… ??)

    Stephe Unnie ^@@^

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