Watch it Cheeky!

Hey everyone….now time for my cheeky note XD

Rain's 'cheeks' are legendary but not exactly the cheek i was aiming for....wait yeh i was I TAKE THAT BACK! i so was!

My friend suggested i try something out when i mentioned a certain something to her…..and i thought it would be rather a good thing to see what the outcome would be.

Background: Due to my need for a new dress for my mums 50th bday party *raves* and by need i mean i don’t own one and mother is being forceful about i can’t go if i don’t wear a dress or look pretty MEAN RIGHT!!! so the money i do have is going on a haircut which if u saw the state of my hair you may utter the phrase “2years too late love” i mainly wear a hat I LOVE THE HAT so don’t feel bad for me….yeh it NEVER comes off until i am about to sleep…though if i could i would wear it while sleeping. i have about £20 left for a dress which will prob get me the belt of a dress…though in this day and age some girl’s dress’s are prob smaller than the belt.

The POINT!:  Anyway the point being gimme money! i kid!….no i don’t……yeh i kinda do don’t *plays hop scotch* its more for giggles for my friend of how poor i am while she rolls in a full-time job poking me with a stick….ok the stick is a snooker cue…but still wood right!

Rain me and your 'cheeks' should marry! OH MY

What do you get?: You could get summit out of it and buy a tee of mine

What if you don’t want anything?: or email me via if u wanna donate to my dress buying….sorry my if you don’t wear a dress you can’t go fund…via paypal…yeh thats better. i feel i need to be holding a puppy or a baby panda….hmmmm odd. You can even donate a $1 hahaha, oh lord what have i started

What if you don’t want a Tee or that second option?:………..ohhhh or! u can pay me for a full size ver of any of my designs…i have done that before because they wanted to print it on a canvas.

But what are my designs?: Here

These are some of my artwork/patterns ofc this is just a sample image. (click image for larger ver) also the designs on the tee’s you can buy on there own too. just email me which you like…

What should i pay?: you can pay what you wish but please make it a reasonable amount if you want a design…ie at least over $20 (which is £12.50 for me) these are NOT digital art they are real painfully time-wasting art done using fineliners/sharpies/paintpens then scanned in at 600dpi – if you want a larger dpi i can go upto think 2400dpi but i would have to check. so all the detail is there so you can get it printed onto canvas and it still looks hand done XD let me point out again this is for a PNG or JPEG (or other file type of your choice) of the artwork!

Anything you should know?: yes! a warning the middle image! you can prob see it just from that small image is like an illusion! it moves, it’s even more obvious in real life, the larger you make it the more crazy eyed you will go, just to warn XD

Close up of a few of the designs so you can see…yeh hand done lol, the one on the bottom right (with the rainbows) took me days and days to finish! when i say fine liner i mean that 0.3-0.4mm nib of practical none existence haha. why you ask! well because it gives the effect i like.

What are your options again?: 1. buy a tee from my shop

2. Just gimme money cus i am just so awesome

3. Buy a design

Which do i personally suggest?: i say either option 1 or 2 because then you get summit out of it too XD while i bounce around in a new dress with my mothers old friends……………wait a minute…….this doesn’t sound fair anymore….dammit.

Let the experiment begin my jello fello’s XD

Dancing 'cheeks' out


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4 Responses to “Watch it Cheeky!”

  1. Cloud USA Says:

    While I really like Evil Panda vs. Octoball… I’ve got my eye on the design that is top row, second from the left. REALLY love that one. Heck, I really love a few more than that…. ahhhh, decisions, decisions…

    I’ll figure it out and grab something snazzy from ya.

    All the Rain cheeks are such an added bonus LMAO! I bow to you and I thank you hahaha.

    Stephe Unnie ^@@^

    • purplezest Says:

      ahhhh yeh that ones pretty. ahhh yeh i couldn’t not post up rain’s booty all over this post….need his sexy to get people all excited haha.

      thanks unnie *squishes*

  2. The sun will always shine when Rain smiles at me! Says:

    hi, I have just put in an order for 2 tshirts and paid via paypal with this email:

    The delivery cost was GBP4 but I think it will cost more…so please bill me again for the postage difference….also “Australia” is not on your list of countries and so the address reads “Perth, Western Australia…then United Kingdom” Can you please alter that on your order form?

    Sorry it has taken me an age to actually order from you but I have had so many projects to get through I hav had to put my Cloud activities on hold.

    Cant wait to see that dress! How’s life in UK?

    • purplezest Says:

      Glad it all got sorted and they reached you 😀 and thanks again for posting the photo up on fb XD keke no worries there was no rush, just a huge thankyou for ordering some *squishes u*

      Ahhh yes the dress is being looked at daily and starting to twitch cus the party is next week lol, i am sure it will all work out XD ahhh UK life is getting better cin as its officially summer now YAY which dosn’t mean that much more sun but still saying its summer makes it better keke XD …….which has actually just reminded me to put my clocks forward before i sleep! god i wudda got a work an hour late 2moro! luv yu hun XD

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