Public failure……check!

Yep again i have out done myself what did my design last 27 hrs before they closed the voting due to in simple terms it being so shit it was pointless continuing the vote *sigh*

Yeh you may think oh i am over exaggerating but nope i really am not…i actually kinda wish i am cus then it wudda meant that all the people iv done fucking favours for and helped out ENDLESS times would do the same back! but yeh apparently not!

here are my stats!

50!!!! votes of 0! 61 votes of 1! …………………but the most depressing thing is the 10 votes of 5! and i don’t even wanna talk about the no i’d buy its. if u get why this number of 10! is the most depressing then well done! if you are included in that 10 then i love you so much…i mean i REALLY DO! but where the fuck are all the other people i asked to help me? iv defo helped more than 10 of you fuckers before!!!! i ask you to hit the VOTE button i wasn’t asking for your fecking arm!

i am not even mad i am just so insanely upset! 10! only 10 ppl! if my friends don’t even like my design(s) then really what fucking hope in hell have i got???? and the fact that the people i thought would help me clearly did not!

i know who most of those 10 are and i am so grateful that you helped me by voting 😀 and this..expressing my depression at my work is in no way aimed at you because you actually cared enough to give a simple vote and i know nothing really came of it but thankyou anyway *squishes*

I actually will not be doing this again due to fact if i can get only 10 ppl after ALL the asking and posting i did it’s really not worth the design time, the digital editing, the sending it in, the voting to then be utterly rejected by your own ‘friends’

so yeh 177 ppl may have voted but only 10! fucking liked it! now if as i designer i can’t be depressed about this then i donno what i can be crying in my room over!

ALSO yes there is an also……………my shop…that shop with my designs in…….selling those tee’s…………….iv sold 1! and the most depressing thing was i thought it was to someone random person but nope it was my sister! playing a cruel fecking joke on me!

So yeh the months that’s been open and advertised and the effort = AS POINTLESS AS THE FUCKING COMPETITION! and i do honestly give up! i throw in the towel! i shall work in a stockroom for the rest of my life like clearly i am supposed too.

i have tried every fucking possibility but nope! nope NOPE! and i am fed up! as much as i love doing it i may just keep it as a hobby cus clearly no one else actually likes what i do apart from me.

Well done if you actually bothered to read all this..shows u do care and thanks if you’ve supported me and sorry it was all for nothing.

i am now gonna go cry some more and avoid any kind of human interaction

well apart from jaejoong…his voice is too magical to avoid


4 Responses to “Public failure……check!”

  1. Cloud USA Says:

    Don’t cry, baby girl…

    You know, I have to wonder if people didn’t just get it wrong. If I hadn’t read everything you said before I voted, very carefully, I would have voted “1” because where I’m from, that’s like the highest score and a “5” would be the lowest. I almost effed that up, and you know how people flippin’ don’t bother to read these days (LAZY) so I can totally see them effing it up too.

    So sorry your feelings are hurt ㅜ_ㅜ

    You’re too young to give up on design now, especially because of other people’s lameness. Give up for a way better reason than that if you ever do.

    Love you loads, sweetie. ❤ ❤ ❤ *hugs*

    Stephe ^@@^

  2. Cloud USA Says:

    50 votes at 0 is insane. That was a really cute design! (was multi-voting allowed?? If so…)

    Oh, to heck with people! DO NOT LET THEM DEFINE YOU.


    Stephe ^@@^

  3. Cloud USA Says:

    Aw. {{{hugs}}}

    Please don’t feel bad over one lousy contest. Or even months of promoting your shop. Seriously, sweetie. It takes lots of time to build a business.

    You are too young to be giving up now. Besides, your designs ARE great. Just keep working and keep promoting them and one day people WILL buy them. If you keep working on them they will, anyway. Remember if you quit now, they will NEVER be able to buy them, because they won’t exist.

    Persistence is the key to opening many doors. You just gotta keep knocking.

    Terri :-}

  4. Yolonda Says:

    Sweetie I’m so sorry! I wish I could have helped you out more! *HUGS*

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