Update: Job + Birthday + JYJ Concert + HOTNESS

Iv decided when you read this post i want you to do as jaejoong does when he reads (minus getting the sty) so go get yourself a spoon! take of your shoes and socks off and chillaxe!

Well haven’t i been all lazy…in the sense of updating, but honestly not my fault this time!!! its cus *drum roll*

A drum roll gets everyone’s attention! including the one and only Muwon-god!



I FINALLY GOT A MOTHER F**KING JOB!!!! what did that take me….nearly 6months and tech it’s not even a ‘Real’ job…its an apprenticeship thing for 6months but i get a pointless qualification out of it and well IT PAYS ME!!! that the main things I GET MONEY!!! that rare thing i never seem to have any of! so yeh 24hrs a week for £60 yes it is pract slave labour under the term ‘apprenticeship’ but i need the money and no other bastard wants to hire me so i can handle 6months of this mind numbing job….*shakes head* honestly a retarded monkey with no hands cud do this job! but the worse part is some people have been they’re going on 3yrs and still can’t do the job correctly O_______O what the actually fuck! *eats a polo* oh well money is money and experience is what everyone wants so there u go! thanks to the banking wankers I HAVE TO SUFFER IN THIS SHIT ASS JOB!!! *coughs* though i promise u after the 6months is over I AM OUT OF THERE! and well i shall be out of there before the 6months if i get another job cus i yes i am still looking!

but the upside is they have a cola machine in the staff room and it has cherry cola 😀 EPIC WIN!


Wish i cud still look this sexy covered it cake *licks it off him*

Yes believe it or not iv had yet another birthday! *shocked face* i am now back to an even number…so yes that makes me 22, i went go karting for it, ordered in a dominos pizza HOLY COW YUMMYNESS!!! had cookies instead of a birthday cake…i donno why i just REALLY wanted cookies and i drank too much cola…i am a right raver… right??? hahaha, yeh anyway on the go karting I BEAT ALL THE FULLY GROWN MEN!!! not only beat them but THRASHED them…and lapped and lapped again *smirks* ahhhh best day ever!!! well that’s a lie but still! one of the best days EVER! lol well for my birthday i got

RAIN!!! … well i shudda got him *pouts*

money, cards, 2 tees, and a new charm for my bracelet as well as a CONCERT TICKET FOR JYJ IN BARCELONA!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAMS AND FLAILS IN EXCITEMENT*


Kay i know your thinking but you just said u had no money…well i don’t!!! rents paid for the concert ticket *SCREAMS* then my dad let me use his airmiles for the plane and hotel so i was only paying (so in other words getting in debt) for paying the extra that wasn’t covered via the airmiles 😀 and no i am not going alone…was supposed to be going with a mate (also a kpop spazz) from uni but i got rejected *pouts* but i asked lee cus tech i rejected him for a holiday when he asked me around june so i asked him saying it would mean he would have to see a concert but would get to go to Barcelona for 2nights in a 4star hotel for under £200 how cud he say no? and he didn’t 😀 so booked everything and SO I AM GOING TO SEE MY HUSBAND IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T THINK I CUD GET HIM IN ANYMORE HIGH DEFINITION THEN LIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *SCREAMS* and its not just the seeing them live that i can’t wait for! ITS HEARING THEM LIVE TOO!!!

i actually can’t wait to pack………..*arrives in spain and unzips bag*

Oups….thought everyone had a Jun in their bag!  he’s an essential travel peen!

honestly each time i think bout the fact i am going to see them in a months time i don’t believe myself!!! honestly i must be dreaming! and i keep thinking something is clearly gonna go wrong so it don’t happen! something always does…so i shall be worried until i am stood in front of that stage and JYJ walk or pop out the floor….god knows how they will appear….BUT I AM GONNA BE SO FUCKING HYPER AND SCREAMING ALFADBSJFLIASUPBGFDSLAIGBFDSN AMF,BUADSIPOFH;ADS FKJASD;OFIBADS;IFUP ADSHFNADBSFIDSH *BREATHS* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK

Oppa i wasn’t that loud *pouts*


of course i needed to included these on my post!

The very sad and filled with Junsu In Heaven MV

the VERY!!! sexy Get out MV

HOW FUCKING AMAZING ARE THESE MV’S RIGHT!!!!!!!! insane amount of sexy duck butt then JYJ over kill of sexy making overies explodes for miles around!

well that is my update i can’t really think of anything else to put right now…if i think of anything i shall do a new post 😀 and ofc the hotness is all within this post 😀 and ofc its mainly all Jaejoong…cus well you already know why! 😀 hehe


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3 Responses to “Update: Job + Birthday + JYJ Concert + HOTNESS”

  1. Cloud USA Says:

    Happy Birthday, Happy Crappy Job Finding and Happy K-Popping in Spain, Katie.

    Terri :-}

  2. meimi132 Says:

    You weren’t rejected 😛 I was acting objectively. And objectively, I’d been waiting for United Cube for longer XD JYJ was unexpected XD Though I regret not seeing my Junsu in the flesh for now… I’m sure I will. Same for allllllllllll of them. They’re all gonna get close enough eventually.. mwhahahahaha…

  3. Cloud USA Says:

    *happy dance happy dance happy dance happy dance*

    *jabs self in eye with spoon* OW

    * can’t wait to hear what happened in Spain* XD

    Stephe ^@@^

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