WOW just WOW

I haven’t updated my blog since feb!!!! OH LORDY!!! so much has happened! way to much to blog about without writing an insanely pointless wordy essay, so to sum up. Uni work (cus its my last year i have tones) though i only have 2more weeks till me deadline *dies* . i ran into a wall HAR while playing laser tag and have officially FRACTURED my patella (necap thing) but its not displaced so all i can do i take drugs and let it heal on its own O___O it hurts! i have greatly added to my kpop collection, been busy doing fun stuff for CloudUSA, i am also now an OFFICIAL CLOUD!!! *flails insanely* eeeeeeeeeeee, ofc insanely jaejoong obbsessed not that this will EVER change…. EVER!!! and ofc keeping up with Yunjae is a must. I am at home for easter at the moment so have a spare second to write a blog post.

i shall do a dedicated Kpop spazz update soon XD iv missed doing so and becauses i have a lot to show and once my work is handed in i shall get bk to updating chocolate abs XD.

but for now i leave you with this image! i don’t often post photo’s of myself on the blog so enjoy this rare form of photo XD

Its from playing laser tag in fancy dress XD isn’t uni awesome, the hint for people is i’m the one thats about to be punched by the Dr XD i was a lazy ninja at this point and had my mask and hood off.


6 Responses to “WOW just WOW”

  1. CosmoQueen Says:

    YOU’RE SO CUTE!!! Looks like a really fun day ^__^

  2. Melanie Says:

    Love the photo…nice hair colour! So you’re a Ginger Ninja then!!!!!!???

    Hope you have a restful Easter and dont eat too many eggs…well I guess you cant have too many right?

    • purplezest Says:

      WHAAA ginger? where u get ginger from? my hair is brown with red/pink in LOL.

      haha i don’t eat choco so my sister will LOL, you have a nice easter too hun XD

  3. Terri Says:


    See? You really ARE a ninja. What’d I tell you, Stephe?

    Terri :-}

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