8 Responses to “[Fan Account] Met Rain at the MCM Store in London!”

  1. Lily Benabaye Says:

    Wow…I can’t help myself screaming every time I read very interesting lines such as he smelt HOMELY ,soft hand etc. I can imagine how happy you are while staring at him that moment. as how I felt too when I saw him in person.Honestly,I was so envy because you able to talked and shake his soft hand and get autograph.hahaha…wow!!! but I am so happy for you….How I wish you did able to have a photo with him…reading this blog feels like I am really there.Me too, my wish is to meet all clouds in person…because of Rain , I have many friends and I love them all. Thanx to Rain… I have many things to say but can’t express my feelings as I am also in Rains high reading your blog..LOL
    All I can say is you are such a lucky one…and I am lucky too of being one of your friend…Thank you so much for sharing your moments with RAIN. And thank you so much for being nice to us your fellow clouds.God Bless!!!

  2. CosmoQueen Says:


  3. StarRain Says:

    I’m crying! Oh Katie, I’m so happy for you! You so deserved this opportunity and I’m smiling from joy that you were able to see him. What a great trip and crotch watching too….I’m so jealous!

    Next wish will come true! We will all have this opportunity…to watch “our” man perform in person with all Cloud doing our Rain dances… *smile*

  4. HoneBIs Says:

    PZ Ur fan account is brilliant! Thanks for details, srsly so happy for you. *homely* mmm the best haha The case is really cute doesn’t he say somthing regarding mountian bunny/rabbit.. and funny there is a bunny on it. [San Toki]
    Reading again! LOL *screams* so close!

  5. riannejade Says:

    I am so happy for that you have met Rain, the precious moment we are all hoping for.. Rain have a magical charisma not only to adore and love him but to met a lot of people– clouds, and be friends with them..
    I am happy that i met many cloud fans, they make my everyday brighter, because of that I will always love Rain..

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful encounter with him..

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  7. mclarce Says:

    I saw your fancam @youtube which led me her. What an amazing fanaccount. I’m loving all your details. I guess, you are lucky to meet Rain in a relaxed atmosphere, where there is time to do some chit chat. I always imagine it to be all in a rush. I’m looking forward to meeting him someday, but somehow I’m always so close yet so far and it might not be as personal as yours… SIGH!!!
    I’m a proud Cloud when I see how well behaved fans are, especially when you know he’s in the limo but you just wait patiently. I absolutely love this part: “yes i did stare at his CROTCH for a while! Rain’s crotch in real life is indescribable!!!”. This made me giggle yet I’m very intrigued. Hi Hi Hi! Did you happen to stare at his BOOTY too?

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