Happy 1st Anniversary to CloudUSA!

Yes today is the day!!! it was a year today that CloudUSA was established (21st January 2010) and what an amazing year it has been!

About Cloud USA: Who We Are ~ page 1

Everyone has there own nice story about how they found out about rain and became his fan, But if you upgrade that to how you found out about him became a fan then created an international fan site which in one year has gone from a blog to an unexplainable AWESOME! consisting of website, blog and a Forum! with Clouds addicted to the updates (doses of Rain to whom we rely on Terri and Stephe to prescribe) and the international cloud community they have created then well isn’t the story of how that all started worh reading? YES!!!! and your just in luck because they both wrote one!

Stephe’s story

Terri’s Story

Also a huge thankyou to Jim, Alex and Kris *massive cloud hug to each of you*

Due to How much CloudUSA’s founders mean to me and how much i know they mean to others i wanted to create this post to show them how much they mean to us and for CloudUSA’s first year anniversary! So i emailed all of you (broke my fingers while doing so!) and hatched our secret plan! the response i got was amazing! your all so talented! Thankyou for helping me to make this possible!

(Click on the image for larger version!  – i would also say watch the videos on youtube because my blog shinks them – on YT you shall get the normal size 🙂

From Purplezest (Me… well Duh!):

From MD (Dasiey):

From Cecilia185:

From Takitsubi:

From QuestSurfer_2000:

From Marisara:

From Divalcious:

From Rain4Flowers:

From StarRain:

From Kkate59:

From Riverwood:

From Chisun:

From paoare2008

From BiAlamode:

From Honebis:

From stormofstarzz2:

From BusyBee1982:

From Reddrogue:



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16 Responses to “Happy 1st Anniversary to CloudUSA!”

  1. Tweets that mention Happy 1st Anniversary to CloudUSA! « Purplezest's Blog -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chocolate Abs and Katie , Katie Smith. Katie Smith said: Happy 1st Anniversary to CloudUSA! : http://t.co/du91BiX […]

  2. Terri Says:

    Oh my goodness gracious…

    I get up early to check my e-mail and the site and what do I find? Many very VERY sneaky ladies.

    Wait a minute. I’m verklempt over here…

    What can I possibly say to all of this?

    How THOUGHTFUL of you all to take the time out of your busy lives to do all this. And how in the WORLD did you do it without me and Stephe getting wind of it I will never know. Cause we are two very nosy b**ches. SERIOUSLY. LOL.

    I guess all I can really say is without all of YOU there would be no Cloud USA. So, the thanks really belongs to all of YOU ladies for being here, for supporting me and Stephe and Cloud USA as strongly as you do…for even wanting Cloud USA to exist at all.

    So, thank you. For this unbelievably spectacular tribute. Thank you, Katie, for being so sweet (yes, she IS sweet, girls…) to put it all together.

    We love you all.

    Terri :-}

  3. divalcious Says:

    Yay! This is so awesome… Happy Anniversary Cloud USA!!!!

  4. BiAlamode Says:

    This was SO, SO GREAT and I’m so happy to have been a part of it!! Happy 1st Anniversary Cloud USA and many more to come!!!!!

  5. StarRain Says:

    Singing…”It’s your Anniversary, come on get naked with me…” Wait, wrong song!

    Anywho….thank you Stephe and Terri for making my obsession a lot more real and helping me meet some great Clouds in the process! I am so proud of what you have achieved! And CloudUSA is #1!!!

  6. Cloud USA Says:

    ROFL @ StarRain (wrong song)

    LOL @ BiA (the original get fresh crew! LOVE that)

    LOL @ Katie (“I wanna **** you like an animaaaaaaaaaaal, I wanna feel you from the innnnnsiddddddde” *getting the pole of the basement out*)

    My heart is so full that I don’t even know what to say. I came online this afternoon expecting to somehow be married to Terri with our nuptially photoshopped wedding pics spread across the Rainiverse. (Katie!!!!!)

    This is incredible. THIS IS INCREDIBLE.

    I’m sitting here blathering like some fool. Laughing and crying and coughing and spazzing all at the same time (hopefully I don’t accidentally ‘splode), watching these amazing videos and reading these wonderful messages. I’m not making any sense right now because I can’t make sense right now. I’m just so overwhelmed by this.

    And so, I’m going to take it all in some more, get my thoughts together, and say from the bottom of my heart how much I adore all of you.

    ALL of you.

    Stephe ^@@^

  7. Cloud USA Says:

    Pole IN the basement. Damn, Stephe. ROFL!

    Stephe ^@@^

  8. busybee1982 Says:

    ohhhhh! it’s your BIRTHDAY, It’s your BIRTHDAY! (can’t find the musical notes to add here, sorry bout that).

    but anyhu, A VERY HAPPY 1st Year Anniversary.

  9. busybee1982 Says:

    thank you Katie for coming up with this idea to celebrate Steph, Terri and the CloudUSA crew and for an opporutnity for us to collectively thank them.

  10. riverwood Says:

    Looks like the party has started and I have arrived a bit late! Darn the time difference! LOL

    *Giving Stephe & Terri a big squeezy hug each*

  11. paoare Says:

    Beautiful day in Atlanta to celebrate 🙂 not a cloud in the sky but many down on earth ..thanks Terry and Stephe..

  12. Cloud USA Says:

    Hi, paoare! It is gorgeous today in the ATL, isn’t it? Just a bit nippy but that can’t be helped.

    Stay warm!

    Stephe ^@@^

  13. Cloud USA Says:

    What oh what can I do with this Page? What shall I do with all this wonderful stuff? *thinking*

    Stephe ^@@^

  14. Lily Benabaye Says:

    I know I’m very late to greet here..but it’s better late than never.. Happy Anniversary CloudUSA !!!

  15. We still can’t believe what y’all did for our Anniversary. « Cloud USA Says:

    […] was just loitering over at the » P to the Z to the Est blog, reading the Anniversary messages and playing the Anniversary videos that you all made for […]

  16. Terri Says:

    Okay…I’ve been creating a place over on the Cloud USA website for this Anniversary material today and now that I’ve read all of these messages and watched all of these videos, I’m sniffling again.

    You ladies are something else…your hearts are special.


    Terri :-}

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