A Box of Heaven from the Clouds

I don’t even know how to start this post because well I’m still in shock! *inserts a random photo with a distant connection to the this subject*

RainJae wooooooo

Tech this story starts quite a while ago when i was moaning (i am british so yes i moan!) what i was moaning about was the lack of interesting food in the UK! i was at this point moaning to an American so it made sense!!! well yes we have some good food but you can’t really beat America on vast choice and lets call it oddness! yes ODDNESS! America has some freaky food choices that never (i wonder why) make it over to the UK, some American sweets do make it over but if you are willing to pay £5 for a 50p candy bar then please *cough rich git* go ahead!…. ok i am wandering off the point again! Yes we have chippy’s (OMG thank god we do) and… *thinks* yeh think you have the rest…. not that shocking really!
Anyway back to the point i was moaning and anyway to make a loooooong story short it ended with them saying they would send me some american food YAY *spazzzzes even more in secret* i was expecting a small package with some food but what arrived today was a BOX! *falls of chair* and you know that point in your life when….ummmm how to explain….when you realise JUST HOW AWESOME TERRI AND STEPHE ARE!!!! oups i said that quite loudly, well its hard to explain the feeling that was just me shouting in happiness but that feeling that someone cares!….yeh i think that’s right. I have known these two gems for… whats it been…. 8-9months i think! being friends with them watching CloudUSA grow into a truly AMAZING fan site, blog AND forum for rain and watching the CloudUSA community grow, being asked to join the CloudUsa staff *flatlines* Ohhhh WOW its been amazing! they have helped me more than they realise! and honest to gawd i am SO glad i met them and everyone on CloudUsa (I’m actually making myself cry oups) its like i’m about to die speech *i am not dying* i just got given food! *grin* I find it hard to say stuff like this directly so this way suits me, i do hope one day to meet them! and now i have the address Mwhahaha *whistles* but that’s when i have money! money is the key to everything oh yeh and getting a job once i finish uni! it will happen *thinks positive*
I was a total WOMEN in that paragraph, but i am stressed and this is the nicest thing anyone has done for me! Cami does try with her running around Las Vegas naked though! i nearly died laughing! she’s another person i never leave alone HAHA *waves* see i mentioned you! but the you mentioned was naked O___O *goes blind* sorry readers! (she don’t read the text anyway so I’m fine *hopes*) i would go through and name all of you but would take to long haha – anyway you should all know who you are if i don’t leave u alone its YOU! just to point out the running around naked DID clearly happen it wasn’t all fictional and on twitter! *whistles* wait that sounds bad! *shrugs ohhhh well*
I went off track but the point of this post was the MASSIVE BOX OF FOOD that arrived!!! that Terri and Stephe sent to me YAY i think i gained a muscle in my left arm carrying it back to my flat HAHA!
Trust Milo (the dog) to realise it was a box of foooooooood!
i did think ohhh bet they used tones of bubble wrap but nope a tiny bit and an air bag that i had fun kicking around till i popped it *sad face* ofc being a good girl i opened the card first XD
*flails* my first xmas card YAY and it involves spongebob! EPIC! love the have your self a spongy little christmas XD (i never said i was mature!) Milo’s attention is still on the food lol
I got it all out the box to see how fat i will end up *tilts head* which ever way you look at it…its gonna make me fat LOL ahhhh soo much, and so much that i just wanna rip out the packet and try straight away! but its 1.30am so i don’t think so HAHA
To go through what they sent!
1. Wonka fun dip (apple, cherry and grape flavour!)
2.Ding dongs
3.Herbal tea – chamomile, lemon zinger, peppermint, honey vanilla chamomile and sleepytime
4.Hershey’s milk chocolate
5. 100 Grand
6. 5 (Rain) Gum
7. Frosted s’mores poptarts
8. Brown sugar cinnamon poptarts
9. Fruit by the foot – strawberry, berry tie-dye and rainbow punch flavour
10.3 1/2 pounds tootsie roll bag
11. minis mix
12. Quaker instant grits – original, butter, cheddar cheese and country bacon
13. teddy grahams honey
14. goldfish baked snack crackers
15.Fritos – bar.b.q flavoured corn chips
16.Lays – barbecue potato chips
I really can’t wait to try these oh lordy so much food, ofc its me so this will last a loooooooong time XD and i can’t thank Terri and Stephe enough for this and Everything they have done XD thankyou Ladies *HUGE hug*

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6 Responses to “A Box of Heaven from the Clouds”

  1. StarRain Says:

    I’m so excited and I don’t even get any of the food! The gift from the CloudUSA ladies is so well deserved by Katie! And I want to throw a praise in there for Stephe and Terri…your kindness and efforts are so noticed and appreciated!

    PZ…share the good stuff with the flat mates! (sometimes you have to tell her what to do) And enjoy all that lovely, all saturated, cholesterol infested, non-biodegradable-for-500-years FOOD! LOL

    And don’t worry, once you eat all of it you can run around naked (like me) and you won’t get cold! Come on…join me! Just don’t sit down…you will hurt an area you don’t want to….

    Truly, you are so deserving of all the nice treats and hopefully you will get to America some day so we can take you out for a proper meal!

    • purplezest Says:

      awwwwwwwwwwwwww your gonna get a rash from being so nice to me you know! Oh yes don’t worry my flat mate gets in on the game too! the stuff i am unsure of i shall be feeding to her first HAHA

      to do the naked thing does that involve eating it all at once? cus thats gonna be quite hard to do! maybe i could just run around naked anyway but have Jaejoong stood by with a warm hug and he could bring Junsu YAY!

      a proper meal involves meat right? I’M GAME!!! i’m gonna hold u on that!!!

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  3. Cloud USA Says:

    OMG! *shocked to see our grits on the Internet* LOL!

    I absolutely LOVE how Milo is peering down into the box… so CUTE. hahahaha

    I swear to you, we were going down the aisles picking out stuff… Terri was hollering out food names, and we were both grabbing… we separated briefly while I went to look for chips and she went looking for breakfast stuff, and a few minutes later here she comes and the cart has EXPLODED with a billion times more food. ROFL I was like, what the hell are you doing? LOL It was great.

    Enjoy scarfing down some American stuff, Katie girl. Gotta take good care of our forum mate, yeah.

    Hey there, Star! *hugs*


  4. Cloud USA Says:


    Yes, as Stephe says, I had WAY too much fun with this.
    Ha ha.

    Glad you like it, Katie. Enjoy.

    Terri :-}

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