Jae and Rain fan artwork!

Due to Uni work i haven’t been able to update my blog much GRRRRR, i have a presentation this wed *shudder* so i have been working my butt off trying to get all the work done that i need to show (on a Computer animation course 3rd yr). I won’t bore you with the boring details because you wouldn’t understand most of the words i would use lol and i can’t be bothered *grin*

Anyway the point of this post is what i do to de-stress i suppose, its something that i enjoy doing so don’t see it as work – i wish i could just sit and create stuff in Photoshop each and every day! this job does in fact exist but i need to improve my PS skills by a lot – I am all self-taught seeing as when i was in school not even the graphic teachers knew how to use Photoshop (idiots) to point out i am only 21 so when i was in school yeh they should have taught us that but oh well i prefer learning myself anyway… oh no I’m rambling again!

This was due to a talk that happened on twitter - personally i think Yoochun pulls off the blue LOL

As you can see it can get VERY random i shall include the odd hair colour change i did to jaejoong and key too…. more below the cut (lots more)

Well to cut this long story short i just mess around and see what i can produce, i do updates on twitter but on occasion i put stuff in a blog post ofc it won’t be ALL the work i have done because that would b one looooooooooong ass post and some of it i don’t like lol so therefore stays in the folder till i can think of a way to improve it.

Well enough talking here we go!


First off a version of a jaejoong background i made – i say version cus i have many many many different versions of it HAHA but this one seemed to be people’s fav so here it is XD ahhhh jaejoong is so cute in that jumper *squishes him*

Ok this is a set of recent work revolving around me trying to add robot parts to well Rain and Jaejoong (who else!) not too happy with the Rain one but shall be doing a new one for him soon!

The first JaeJae one i did (i do the backgrounds myself too just to point out) people normally ask me where i got the background haha – this set of work uses sorta the same background it’s just been altered and changed XD – i really like his arms in this one – not too happy on the neck but i am learning.

This one has been on my twitter bkgd except the normal version! i changed the lighting on this one so if you want to see the other just visit my twitter page! i really like this one prob cus i loved the photo i used to begin with lol.

These two i did not that long ago – Halloween time so yeh not that long ago.. using the same image Ohhhhh how he makes red eyes look sexy *THUD*

And now creepy zombie Jaejoong who i still find hot! is that odd? of course it’s not!!! *whistles and walks off*

As i mentioned the beginning of the post i would add the Jaejoong and key that i altered i did these agessss ago now (tech not thaaaaaaaaaat long but i like to over exaggerate) – and why purple? well DUH my name is purplezest after all! everything at some point gets turned purple *nods*

And smexy Key got the treatment too, and he still looks shag-able *dives*

Well there you go some of my random fan art XD i shall post more in the future I’m sure. Hope you enjoyed XD


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