DBSK Mirotic concert DVD Arrived!

Yes i am VERY slow this arrived a while ago now and i have watched it too many times to count – Seriously its AMAZING can never get enough *melts* i brought this off the seller i always use on ebay! They are amazing they sell stuff at a lowish price the item arrives fast and in perfect lickable quality!

Can i just say now this is my second time of writing this post out O___O i got near the end and my internet died and wiped everything out *eye twitches*

Well first off is the sexy poster its around average poster size not huge but not small but filled with DBSK kekeke – yes it looks amazing on my bed but it looks even better on my wall! – well my DBSK wall to be more exact well tech 2 walls and they are on other walls too HAHA seriously these boys cover my room!

Now onto the DVD which comes with a sleeve with the DVD case and booklet slip into so they are nice and snug XD – i shall only take a photo of the front and back of the sleeve because the DVD case is exactly the same well apart from the back of the dvd case because that has whats on the DVD – The front of the DVD uses the same image as the poster or tech the poster uses the same image as the DVD case lol

Its a very sleek design – the black is nice and glossey and the shiney silver words add a really nice finish to it

Now for the Inside the DVD case – its not like your normal film DVD case – its just a fold open one and the DVD’s are held in transparent plastic which looks amazing XD the designs on the DVD’s is nothing amazing yet it looks nice and fits in with the case! The two DVD’s on the right are the concert DVD’s and the one on the left is the DVD that contains the film – Which i LOVE!!!!

You get 5 book marks with this Concert DVD *shrugs* even i though getting book marks was quite random but i am not one to complain and nobody said you HAD to use them as book marks and i can tell you they look AWESOME on the wall keke – The photo’s they used for the bookmarks is pract just the poster cut into member sections LOL tis cute though

Now onto the photobook *Eyes widen* ohhh this thing is AMAZING seriously the images contained in the very photobook could kill a cassie in a second they are THAT hot!!! but yet you are tricked becasue the cover is sooo simple you get tricked into a false sence of relaxation to which you then open the photobook and fall off your chair due to the shock of the sex inside *SPAZZZZZZES* i’m not lying and just to prove it i have taken 2 photo’s of the inside just to show you! i would be insane to take photo’s of every page cus there are 6o!!! YES 60 pages of cassie killing hotness inside this photobook!

The first pages i took a photo of is the group ones O____O SOOOOOO many amazing photo’s are in this photobook – even if you go out and buy this DVD just for the photobook its TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!! ohhhh Jaesus so much hotness!

Then ofc due to my Bias i chose one of the double page Jeajoong O_______O *DIES* seriously he looks *THUD* ohhhhhh i just wanna be close enough to touch him!!!! life is unfair but at least i have this photobook to lick! i mean… nope sticking with lick HAHA

The just a nice photo showing you everything you get [excluding the poster due to it was on my wall]

I defo say this is a MUST BUY the concert is amazing there voices are even more stunning ohhhhh i just LOVE it can’t wait till i get the other concert DVD’s


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    give me now

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