DBSK “O” Ver B Arrived!

I already have version D which has been posted here! I got this version (B) with my JYJ normal edition album off DVDHeaven XD woot hehe

In the normal style the album is not a normal boring plastic case instead its a fold out type! It has this sexy photo on the front! ohhhhh love JJ’s hair and well everything about all the members in this photo shoot/Album i just LOVE it which is prob why i know have 2 different versions lol

The back of the album uses another amazing photo – the back tells you details of what is on the album and what is on the DVD

Now for whats inside the album *eyes widen* unfold one side to reveal the DVD – very cute DVD design – the other side has the credits

Fold open the other side to get the CD which is a reverse colour of the DVD – if you can’t tell what it is then i shall be kind and tell you although you could just click on the photo to get the larger version so you could see for yourself but i shall say anyway its a suit [Jacket – tie – Shirt] – its cute and suits it XD

Now ofc you are thinking but WHA were is the photobook or lyrics ie the normal stuff you get in an album well you don’t get ther normal in this album the lyrics are on a fold out sheet! which i love because….

When you turn it around ohhhhh look a poster *spazzzzzes* i didn’t even realise this album came with this but it does and its TOTALLY going on my wall – i WILL find space O____O somehow lol – gonna have to start sticking posters on my ceiling i think [you will see what i mean when i do my room post – which will be after my last 3 packages have arrived!]

Then you get this which is the thanks To from the members – ofc all the writing is on the back i just took a photo of the side with all there adorable faces on *spazzzzes* ohhhhh so handsome!

There you go hehe, Sooooo pretty


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3 Responses to “DBSK “O” Ver B Arrived!”

  1. CosmoQueen Says:


  2. jimmy Says:


  3. Thanh Vy Vo Says:

    Can you post the DVD track list of the B and D version ?!
    I’m planning to get this album but I don’t know what version should I buy..
    I really want to get all the versions but my wallet don’t let me TT.TT

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