JYJ The Beginning Arrived!

This one is the normal Edition the Limited and Taiwan ver should be here next monday and i shall also post pictures up when they arrive.

Well this arrived a few days ago now but i have been ill and busy with uni work so haven’t had time to update i also have 3 DBSK items to post about lol, i ordered this from DVDHeaven and it arrived in 8days XD

First off the Poster! its SOOOO much bigger then i thought it would be which is a good thing XD the bigger the better kekeke – it has that normal poster finish not glossy or matte that one in between lol. Ohhhh it looks amazing on my wall XD

Now onto the very VERY awesome album! i didn’t realise that the red on the front of the album would be plastic from people’s photo’s it just looked normal but NO its an awesome red plastic which makes the lid of the album heavier which i LOVE

Now onto the back of the album which is normal details of the songs etc… but ohhhh it’s still pretty

Then i spazzzzed some more and got around to actually opening the album XD i open it to see the cover of the photo book/Lyrics book but i shall come back to the booklet at the end of the post!

The pretty CD! *stares* ohhhhhh nice and RED – reminds me of the rising sun disc but that’s prob just cus its red haha – the red JYJ in the middle the triangle, it’s very nice XD

Now onto the booklet i ofc didn’t take a photo of all the pages cus well that would take a while and all these have already been online scanned in for ages lol, its so weird to get an album were the booklet is in eng O____O so odd LOL to actually be able to read everything – ahhhh *Spazzzzes* I LOVE IT!

All the photo’s are SO amazing – love the shoot they did, first off here is some sexy Yoochun! i love him with this hair well he looks good with all the hair he has had but i am sure you will agree this is also some VERY sexy hair XD

Now its Junsu *stares* WOWZA i love his photo’s the outfits EVERYTHING about these photo’s is peeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect and the guys look AMAZING!

Last onto my BB Jaejoong *melts* ohhhhhh gawd he just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing!!! like he always does but ohhhhh just soooo *THUD*

Such an amazing album we already know all the songs rock i really can’t pick a fav a LOVE empty, be the one, Be my girl and the members songs seriously love them all so much! The international album is even more amazing than i thought it would be!

My Taiwan and Limited versions are in the post on their way to me as i speak XD i should hopefully post them up quicker then i got round to doing this one hehe


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