Drawing Jaejoong!

Well i got back to my flat and pract instantly got bored so i though ohhhhhh i havent draw JJ in a while so simple as that i drew him! I drew him from the photo’s on my wall XD my style is more graphic seeing as i am RUBBISH at drawing in the so called ‘Proper’ way! seriously my art teachers always said this! apparantly in art you can’t use your own style who knew *shrugs*

They are just quick stetches i did, i never take long on a drawing because well i get bored haha – haven’t drawn like this in ages either so i think i did ok, Hopefully they do look like my bb unless we shall call who i drew his brother keke

Due to the limit size on my blog just click on the drawing if you want to see the full size.

this one is with the same hair as the one above XD  the blonde sexy hair *melts*

I really need to work on my face drawing its the thing iv always been crappest at and takes me agessssssss to draw hands

I think this last one or the first one is my fav O____O not sure! I always love a good mic in my picture keke

Well there you go! my attempt at drawing my bb I might attempt a group on later not sure.


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5 Responses to “Drawing Jaejoong!”

  1. Las Noches Says:

    aaawwwww!!! $·%&/%&….puffff ahahaah I was about to write you in spanish! lol anyways……this are awesome!!! I love them all and you can tell that its our prince, or master, our love, bb boy Hero Kim Jaejoong xD even if you don’t say it. Your drawing skill it’s perfectly fine! O__O art teachers suck really……..

    • purplezest Says:

      Awwww *hugs* thankyou hun XD and yeh art teachers do SUCK! mine only liked students that did Portraits or landscapes everyone else couldn’t do art apparantly so cin i do abstract art they hated it *sigh* but in the end my exam piece is what go me into uni so they can suck it!!! hehe

      Omg can’t wait till you come on and we can SPAZZZZ over the MV OMG OMG OMG ITS *THUD*

  2. CosmoQueen Says:


  3. StarRain Says:

    You are really talented….not kidding on that! Katie, these are amazing! I am surprised there isn’t some purple anywhere….

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