Our boys grinning away

I have been SO busy with Uni work and spazzing on twitter that i have kinda half neglected my blog, i have some photo’s and stuff to post up of the DBSK Items that have arrived

– DBSK Mirotic Concert DVD + Poster

– All About DBSK Season 3 + 6 Posters

Some sexy leeteuk LOVE this photo!


Yes all the posters are on my wall but i shall be doing my room post which will show you once my other items have arrived XD Waiting on 2 more posters!

AND MY JYJ NORMAL EDITION ARRIVED *SPAZZZZZES* also this poster is on my wall too – its insane how i can fit so much on my walls – you shall see when i post up the photos haha! i shall be posting up photo’s and reviewing as soon as possible same with the two above and the 3 items that have just been shipped!


and the 3 items that i speak of is My JYJ Limited Ver  + My Taiwan Ver AND… my Super Show 2 Concert dvd with Poster has been SHIPPED *SPAZZZES* amazingly they all got shipped on the same day XD The JYJ limited ver and SS2 is coming from DVDheaven and JYJ taiwan ver is coming from YesAsia so i know i shall be waiting a bit longer for that one hehe

Jaejoong our prince

I am ill at the moment 😦 *sulks* but thankfully Jaejoong being the whore he is LOVES twitter and got slightly obbsessed *thanks Jaesus* and cin as he is a cam whore the amount of pictures he is posting and stuff he is tweeting is making me glide to fangirl heaven! JJ needs to rub this obbsession off on Junsu and Yoochun more cus they don’t tweet that often but when they do its just as *SPAZZZZES*

Hmmmm i am too lazy to say anything else so i am just gonna add some random hot Kpeen into this post so its easy on the eyes and full of bananas XD

Rains warm up!


And Ki finishes you off *grin*


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5 Responses to “Update!”

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    *IS DEAD*

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