DBSK Vol. 3 “O” Repackage Ver + Poster Arrived!

well i finally own this album YAY, i actually want all the versions of this album but when i saw someone selling this one brand new with poster how could i say no! I also got this one off Grapemusiccd on ebay (the other one was the Tohoshinki best selection 2010)
Here is the amazing poster *stares* gawd its awesome, the texture the picture the colours everything is PERFECT! and its now on my wall looking truly AWESOME!

Poster size 53 x 75 (cm)

Now onto the amazing album, which really is a box of wonders!
The album itself looks amazing too, using the same texture and style as the poster *droools* i think i love it so much because its different *shrugs* i like more unique items that you can play with and when you open them find some amazing things! Even the back of the album is the cutest thing ever! ahhhhh how i love the balloons costumes ALL of them, i did love the smurf version SO much!
After playing with the box for a while i did finally get around to opening it! the first thing you see is the image that is used for the poster!
This is the cute fold open sleeve that the CD+DVD go into *spazzzz* lord its SO cute! and the image on the back of this you can also get on the official T-Shirt but that’s if you have money and i would have prefered the naked jaejoong one myself but that doesn’t exist *sulks* keke XD
You open it and even more cuteness, could be classed as a cuteness overload maybe! i know i dazed out quite a few times just looking at everything and the disc’s are SO pretty OMG i love the design so much!!! the one on the left is the CD (day) the one on the right is the dvd (night) its such a cute idea *spazzzes*
underneath that i saw this! you should know what they are because well i said you should XD keke
Yes its the 30 free cards you get with this album, instead of a photobook you get these cute cards with the members on! they are bigger then normal playing cards which makes them all the more awesome! and they come in this cute sleeve XD
Just roughly laid them out, you can find the scans for all the cards online if you do a quick search XD
I just picked out a random few cards to take a closer photo of, the first one is a group one but as i recall the rest are Jaejoong *melts*
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww isn’t he just the most adorable thing ever! and he has a fake sword! keke
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *boom* seriously this is too much cuteness for my poor brain
This right here is my favourite card out of the lot!!! and i am sure you can guess why, Jaejoong no shirt or in my head he’s completely naked apart from the lion hat thing and gloves *THUD*
This is a photo i took of the whole contents of what you get in this album, to say it was just normal album price its like a goodie bag and i LOVE it *spazzzzzes*
Well that is everything from this album, you all of course now how awesome all the songs are keke
01 . “O”-正.反.合
02 . 세상에 단 하나뿐인 마음(You’re my miracle)
03 . Hey!Girl
04 . Get me some (NEW ver.)
05 . I’ll be there
06 . 내곁에 숨쉴수 있다면 (White Lie…)
07 . Remember
08 . 이제 막 시작된 이야기(The story has just begun)
09 . ON&ON
10 . Phantom 환영(幻影)
11 . You only love
12 . 풍선(Balloons) NEW Ver.
DISC 2 – Showcase & Music Video
01 . talk(1) The 3rd Album “O”-正.反.合. Showcase Introduction
02 . The 3rd Album “O”-正.反.合. Showcase(No Cut ver.)
03 . talk(2) ‘Hug’ Memory
04 . MusicVideo ‘Hug’
05 . talk(3) ‘The Way U Are’ Memory
06 . MusicVideo ‘The Way U Are’
07 . talk(4) ‘믿어요(I Believe)’ Memory
08 . MusicVideo ‘믿어요(I Believe)’
09 . talk(5) ‘TRI-ANGLE’ Memory
10 . MusicVideo ‘TRI-ANGLE’
11 . talk(6) ‘Rising Sun’ Memory
12 . MusicVideo ‘Rising Sun’
13 . talk(7) “O”-正.反.合. Memory
14 . MusicVideo “O”-正.反.合.
15 . talk(8) ‘풍선(Balloons)’ Memory
16 . MusicVideo ‘풍선(Balloons)’
17 . ‘풍선(Balloons)’ M/V Making Film
18 . 동방신기’s Exclusive Story2 : Our Secret Code++

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9 Responses to “DBSK Vol. 3 “O” Repackage Ver + Poster Arrived!”

  1. CosmoQueen Says:

    OMG wow that is really gorgeous and unique!

  2. Jaejoong on Demand » JaeJoong, Post, Xien, October, Yunho, Image » Websitelist24.com Says:

    […] DBSK Vol. 3 “O” Repackage Ver + Poster Arrived! « Purplezest's Blog […]

  3. DBSK “O” Ver B Arrived! « Purplezest's Blog Says:

    […] already have version D which has been posted here! I got this version (B) with my JYJ normal edition album off DVDHeaven XD woot […]

  4. Quynh Says:

    This looks amazing!!
    Where did you buy it? I hope they have more D:

  5. Jakcy Says:

    hey there,, ummm i was amazed when i saw this.. and i’ve been looking around for a place that sells this album.. i REALLY WANT IT SO BAD ><.. do you know anywhere i can buy it from?

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