DBSK Best Selection 2010 + 2Posters Arrived

This was one of the first albums to arrive (monday) – this is one of the two packages that arrived! (each package had two albums/DVD’s in them) even though i had to wait for the posters to arrive (they came today) before i could review the item, but i would take tube over a folded poster any day XD
Well because this was a first press version i got 2 posters with it and the photo card which is at the end of the post XD the first poster is the advertising one! which is now on my wardrobe XD

Poster size: 52 x 73 (cm)

The second poster is pract the top part of the poster above but the full poster size version lol, which is on my main wall *spazzzzz* oh its good to have DBSK on my walls! its normal poster size which is awesome! normally the posters you get free with albums are slightly smaller than the normal ones you get when you buy them – ohhhh i’m rambling again!

Poster size : 73 x 52 (cm)

Now onto the cd i got the 2CD + DVD version which is why it has the sexy black cover and looks so thick! the front of the album is their sexy face’s then the back of the album in the back of there heads *stares* keke
Disc one has 20 written on it disc two has 10 – Believe it or not i did not click on when i first saw the disc but then my brain activated and i went OHHH YEH 2010 haha XD the DVD just has Tohoshinki written on it, simple yet sweet!
If you remove disc one then you see Junsu and Yoochun then if you remove the DVD (which is on the other side) you shall see Jaejoong, changmin and yunho which i thought was a very cute thing to add, always love when i remove my disc’s and have some eye candy!
The booklet is just the normal deal, one of the other versions comes with a short booklet but i rather have the DVD XD, but it does have pictures of the members then all the normal stuff you get in the album
And finally as i said at the beginning its a first press version so i got a photo card and i got the group one YAY XD – ohhhhhh this makes me so happy keke
Well now that i have finished rambling about the cute album i can give you details on it
01 呪文-MIROTIC-
02 Share The World
03 My Destiny
04 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
05 Purple Line
06 Stand by U
07 Stay With Me Tonight
08 明日はくるから
09 “O”-正・反・合-
10 Sky
11 Somebody To Love
12 Lovin’ you
13 Rising Sun
14 Summer Dream
15 Bolero
16 Begin
CD2 – Members choice :
01 Forever Love [Junsu Choice]
02 SHINE [Yoochun’s Choice]
03 Love in the Ice [Jaejoong’s Choice]
04 Beautiful you [Changmin Choice]
05 HUG -Japanese ver.- [Yunho Choice]
06 甘く果てしなく
07 時ヲ止メテ
08 With All My Heart~君が踊る、夏~
2. Rising Sun
3. “O”-正・反・合-
4. Stay With Me Tonight
5. Choosey Lover
6. Begin
7. HUG
8. 明日は来るから
10. Break up the shell
11. High Time
12. Purple Line
13. 呪文-MIROTIC-
14. The way U are
15. Survivor
16. Somebody To Love

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