Rising Sun Re-Package album arrived

Everything is arriving at once it just so exciting 😄 Well not really at once more like one day after the other, so far this week i have got a package each day (two on Monday!) cin as i only have friday left and all i need is the last poster tube (which is filled with DBSK posters) then i could complete a full week of getting a package each day Ohhhhhhhh i hope it happens.

On moving on from my random spazzing onto more focused spazzing over this AMAZING! JAW DROPPING ALBUM! can i call it an album? well it technically is the Rising sun re-packaged album so i am going to say yes, don’t look much like and album though more like a Cassie’s heaven *THUD* i have wanted to get this since it came out but i was poor then but as soon as i found one at the right price and i had money IT WAS MINE!!! keke

Well yes what you see below is the album not the packaging it came in, don’t think i can say much about it other than MUST OPEN IT TO GET THE GOODIES!!!

When i opened it YAY! i see the Rising sun CD! the cardboard folds open and the VCD is behind it!

At this point i took everything out to take a photo of everything that you get *stares in amazement* You get the 1 CD and 1 VCD (Video CD) you also get 6 sets of stickers one for each member then a group set *THUD* then the most AMAZING album photo book EVER! i mean SERIOUSLY!!! its HUGE!!! i shall now ogle at the stuff separately 😄

First the CD and the VCD, very pretty don’t you think? in red YAY! so simple yet i LOVE it, can’t beat a good-looking CD (even better looking when it has our guys faces on though LOL)

Now onto the 6 sets of stickers which i am still drooling over, i love all the images they chose! First up is Adorable Micky’s stickers! then Cute Xiah *melts*

Next is Yunho’s stickers! the mighty sexy leader *Om Nom Nom* yet so adorable at the same time keke, then its Sexy (my Bias) Jaejoong *brain explodes* gawd they are just AWESOME photo’s and cute and *THUD* gawd i love them all!!!

And ofc we can’t forget about our ickle yet tall and manly Changmin! just too adorable yet again! Then the members stickers which are *spazzzzzzes* they defo picked some good ones (and the tri-angle photo – second row up on left Jaejoong has his famous tongue out *THUD*) ohhh they know how to treat us well.

Now the PHOTOBOOK! *THUD* i mean seriously JUST LOOK AT IT!!!! ITS HUGE,

Took a photo of the chuckyness because i was in full fan girl mode (still am)

The contents of the book O_________O and just to clarify the contents is 100% Dong Bang Shin Ki *THUD*

My bb Jaejoong looking HAWT – i sat and stared at this page for a while before i moved on to the others, having a digital version of a photo is never the same as having the photo in your hands!

Another JJ – well they are gonna be Jaejoong, i only took a photo of a few pages and ofc i spied the JJ ones!!!

But just so no ones complains here is all the sex that is our DBSK *melts*

Can you guess why i photographed this page? was it because this is the half-naked photo of jaejoong i have wanted to own since i saw it *spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzes* yes it totally WAS!

Don’t they all look so CUTE!!! looking through this sex book *cough* i mean photobook nearly killed me, all the pictures are AMAZING!

Now i have slightly stopped spazzing and rambling here is into on the album

01 . Tonight
02 . Beautiful Life
03 . Rising Sun(순수)
04 . 바보 (Unforgettable)
05 . 내가 허락할테니 (Love is never gone)
06 . Love after Love
07 . Dangerous mind
08 . One
09 . Love is
10 . Free your mind
11 . 작은 고백 (Your Love is all I need)
12 . 약속했던
그때에 (Always There…)

01 . Clip (1) Japan Special Photo
02 . Clip (2) Japan Event Sketch!
03 . Clip (3) ‘Rising Sun’
Music Video
04 . Clip (4) ‘Rising Sun’ Making
05 . 15 Wallpaper images
06 . 2 Screen Savers


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3 Responses to “Rising Sun Re-Package album arrived”

  1. Tweets that mention Rising Sun Re-Package album arrived « Purplezest's Blog -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Katie Smith, Katie Smith. Katie Smith said: Rising Sun Re-Package album arrived: http://wp.me/pugFa-Cj […]

  2. Bee Says:

    Hi would u mind telling me where u buy it? I have been seaching for it for months, but… can’t find any… It would be really nice!

    • purplezest Says:

      Oups i was supposed to link it in the text – think my brain ran away keke 😄
      *hunts for link* here you go http://bit.ly/cJJU1R – This seller is very good fast shipping as you can see it says one sold (the one the brought lol) item as you can see came in perfect condition 😄

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