Beast Mastermind Album + Poster arrived!

WOOOOO and in only 7days, its a new record! the fastest time before was 9 days! – The album was pre-ordered from DVDHeaven and shipped on sept 30th and i chose the cheapest form of P&P so for it to arrive in just one week is insanely AWESOME!!! and OW MY GAWD ITS AMAZING!!!

And to add a note about DVDHeaven they shipped the poster in a hard tube in the box this time YAY, not that i have had an issue with the previous way it was packed it just means more protection which is always a good thing XD

here is the link to DVDHeaven if you wish to purchase the item!

First i shall start with the poster, which is bigger then the normal size poster you get free with an album – its more normal poster size [Poster size is 76 x 52 cm] i love this size poster its perfect! it has a gloss finish (so TOTALLY lickable!) and the logo in the top right-hand corner is shiny too *stares in amazement* i LOVE the photo they used its extremely sexy!!! now if they would release and underwear version! *Brain wanders* keke

Well Now onto the very large shiny album!

a photo does not do this thing justice (because of the shineyness its hard to get an exact match to real life using a camera!) Now if you own Beast’s beast is the b2st album the size is larger than that but not fatter, but it really doesn’t need to be! The back is nice and simple telling you the track names etc… now to show you what the inside is like!

I LOVE the design of the inside of this album, its odd but i like it! you open the cover to find the booklet tucked into lets call it a sleeve thing lol – i spazzed when i saw how fat the booklet was!

You then fold down the booklet in the sleeve to reveal the pretty cd, you can just see the pattern on the back of the booklet keke

I did a photo with the booklet out of the sleeve just cus i could *shrugs* its pretty.

Now a close up of the disc, the pattern isn’t anything amazing but it is pretty!

Now onto the Booklet, which is SOOO much fatter then i thought it was gonna be! Here is the front and back cover – the photo for the back cover i took at an angle so you can see how fat it is XD FILLED with beast photo’s *drools*

And here is your sneak peek of inside the book! i would b mental to take a photo of all the pages but some people have scanned them in so you can find them on the internet if you want a copy XD

Its awesome is it not? ohhhhhhhhh already put the smexy poster on my wall *drools and the album is shining bright on my Kpop shelf!

01 Mastermind
02 숨
03 V.I.U (Very Important U)
04 Break Down
05 주먹을 꽉 쥐고

I love all the songs but my Fav at the mo is V.I.U Closely followed by Breath (Soom) but i really do like all the songs

Now its just a matter of waiting till Nov for the second part of the album to come out *spazzzzzzzzzzes*


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7 Responses to “Beast Mastermind Album + Poster arrived!”

  1. StarRain Says:

    I am so jealous! But it does look good! Try not to get any slobber marks on this one!

  2. CosmoQueen Says:

    Awws you got yours before I got mine! I’m jealous! LOL jk

  3. Melis Says:

    yeah i can’t wait to get mine i’mma rub all the ink off it! seobbbbhyunseunnng ohhh yeah! thanks for showing it, I was getting antsy.

  4. Cloud USA Says:

    Junhyung! Junhyung, honey…!!!!!! *scream*

    Oh, er, sorry ’bout that that. *shakes head to clear it*

    My gawd, K, you must be happy as a clam. Have you worn it out yet? 😀


  5. heynatalie Says:

    I was just wondering, what kind of shipping you used for your CD?
    Did you use EMS or Small package?
    This is my first time ordering from DVDHeaven (I usually use YesAsia XD) and I’m not sure how they’ll package the poster if I use small package (that is, if i can use it at all)

    • purplezest Says:

      I always use smallpackage, they normally put the poster in a hard tube in the the bigger box with the cd which is wrapped in bubble wrap, on average it takes 9days to get to the UK so its fast to say its so cheap

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